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See how the baby in my tummy is growing and how the pregnancy in general is treating me!
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My name is Myka and I am a 27 year old mother to 2 beautiful little girls and married to the man of my dreams. I am currently pregnant with our 3rd child and sharing with the world my pregnancy updates from the very beginning, live pregnancy test to the day our baby is born! I also share mommy advice and makeup tips and tutorials for special occasions or everyday fun! Best way to show your support is to subscribe to my channels and social media! Would love to hear from everyone :)


Megan Mercer says:

I'm at 8 weeks and chapotle is the only thing that helps my morning sickness

Olivia Carter says:

I had a dream that I was in a fudge shop and they let me taste every flavor and then I woke up! it was good while it lasted though.

Ashley Gutierrez says:

+Myka Stauffer first id like to congratulate you on your pregnacy and i am new to you channel after doing some of my own researching of the miscarriage process im currently going through at this moment and i have a question. How long after you stopped bleeding from the miscarraige (for me its been 6 days) until you tried to concieve? you waited one full menstral cycle? my husband and i are going to try and i was just wondering how quickly we can try. i dont even know how to tell if im ovulating! please help me with any info you would like to share.

ashley rivas says:

Wow, its nice to see a youtuber from INDY!! 

tara walk says:

Did you have any light spotting in the beginning of your pregnancy? I know that light spotting is normal. And have you had any problems or scares at all? I had a miscarriage a week ago at 5wks 4days pregnant and i want to start trying asap

Dakota Cornell says:

There are plenty of other ways to get protein without eating meat. I'm 7 weeks and have been vegan for over 1 year now. 

Jade Marie (BBBeautyox) says:

I got my big fat positive on good Friday, best feeling in the world knowing you have a human growing inside of you, my daughter is soo excited too which makes it soo much more special :) xxx

Estrella Sanchez says:

Ugh you have like no stretch marks at all and you have two kids already! :( did you use something to prevent them? You look amazing! Oh and congratulations!!:D

CosmoWoman10 says:

I'm 8 weeks and 5. I have been food sensitive since 5 weeks and its so bad its make me lose weight.

pinkstarnik says:

Hi! Did you have your first Ultrasound yet? We had ours yesterday at 8 weeks 2 days and found out that we're having twins!! The reason I say this is because I am having every single symptom that you are!

Ashli Osborne says:

This is so awesome i am currently 8 1/2 weeks and i was trying to find a mom around there to follow . I have watched your updates and am so excited to follow you on this journey, you have such positive vibes in your videos . Thank you so much for these videos, its nice to know i am not the only one going through these symptoms ! :)

meldreambig says:

love it praying  g for you as well 

Miguel Barrientos says:

Angel Isiah!!! lol hopefully u wil get better soon!!!

honeybunny3541 says:

Week 8 with my son was also the worse for nausea. I didnt know some meals if I should even bother swallowing my food, i was that nauseous! week 8 I remember!

honeybunny3541 says:

I have been craving chocolate everything!! And sweets in general. Stuff I normally dont eat!! With my son, I craved eye of the round roasts, back bacon, meat meat meat!

Ttcjourneyoftezandtia says:

I really Lyle ximere (said as zy-mere-

orleepembo1 says:

I love the same Samson for a boy!! Sam❤️

Emily V says:

You're exactly 1 month ahead of me ❤️ so I love following these!

robynb110 says:

Hey Myka…I'm currently 2 days late but nervous to test so please keep praying for me…also, biblical unique names I like are Asher and Asaiah! Xoxo

Sarah Louise says:

Aw girl! I'm so sorry you aren't feeling the best!! Hopefully you get some relief soon! Your positive attitude is so refreshing though! Seriously! You're amazing!!

this N that mamma says:

Maybe your iron is low and thats why your craving those things. Maybe add more spinach or kidney beans to your diet or get a supplement with your dr/midwife advice. As for boy names i like Zander, Keegan or Finnigan. Hope you and your family have a good rest of your week and weekend. 

kyliebee says:

Was a vegan prior to my pregnancy until week 5, everything made me feel sick I would normally eat, putting veggies anywhere near me would make me literally gag. Sadly I gave into my cravings for fish but it was the only thing that I could eat and not feel sick. I'm going to return to my normal diet as soon as I can stomach it. Go with what you feel is right xx

Rocky Girolami says:

your belly is getting bigger.and you always look so beautiful.

Alicia Rodriguez-Murray says:

Have you had an ultrasound to see if you are having twins? That would be so cool! I love the name "Luca" instead of Lucas

Michelle Vandal says:

Yayy I see my tummy up there! Super cool :) as far as the meat craving goes, I think your body is telling you that maybe your little one needs it. Or at least something in it that you just can't get easily through vegetables. Maybe try a steak and see how it makes you feel afterwards. I know after I would get something I craved my tummy would feel MUCH better.

Vanessa Martin says:

I can totally tell your belly has gotten a little bit bigger from last week, that's awesome!
Unqiue baby boy name suggestions:
Tobias (toby for short maybe), Fletcher, Joel, Julius, Milo, Chandler, Channing, Cedric, Emmett, Shiloh, Elijah 

Elyssa Adams says:

Dolph or rowan

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