8 Weeks Pregnant + Belly Shot (Baby #3!) 1st Ultrasound!

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This is my 8 week pregnancy vlog with my third baby! I have two boys already (ages 4 and 2) and we are now expecting baby # 3! Subscribe for weekly videos! :)

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mhissy marie says:

have any of you heard of a miscarriage after pap smear? that's what I am.nervous about

Kassia says:

Great lip color! Poor thing. Nausea is the worst. I never had it with Rafael, thank god! Glad your appointment was better.

jessica webber says:

how many weeks are you in now


I had my ultrasound today at 8.3 weeks. i put the video on my channel. but I feel the same as you right now with wanting to puke! and I am EXACTLY the same. I am a hate feeling or being sick person and cry like a baby.

gymnastics lover says:

wow nice belly button

Hailey Duncan says:

so glad I found you! Haha. I just found out I'm pregnant with my 3rd child! I'm about 5 Weeks so it will be fun to follow along with your updates!! :)

Summer Ridgway says:

Really glad you had a better experience at the drs and got ur scan, hope you feeling better with you're sickness, im the same with being sick lol

Ericaandfam says:

yay I'm glad you found someone new to see throughout your pregnancy and that you don't have any cysts. I was my sickest with my daughter thats when i actually threw up a few times :/ I am such a baby when i throw up too..i hate it!Your belly is so cute, I have noticed with mine when I wake up in the morning it's smaller and by the end of the night I feel like it so much bigger! Have you experienced this? I would love if you did a Q&A I am a new subscriber and I am so glad I found you! my questions are, when it comes to being a mom to 3 little ones, what are you most looking forward to? and most nervious about? :)

EmilyWho says:

I usually always see a PA too. Who did you go to?!

Being The Bakers says:

The intro is so cute! Cute little baby blob haha Glad you find the doctors assistant I remember being pregnant my drs. would just rush me along and that sucks.

Mommy2Phoenix says:

Yay for ultra sounds!!

A Bassett says:

Your eye shadow is absolutely gorgeous!

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