8 Months Pregnant – Week by Week Pregnancy

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http://www.thepregnancyzone.com: Learn about your baby’s development from conception through the eighth month of your pregnancy in this Pregnancy Week by Week guide.



Linn Berglund says:

Erm… 8 months ? I am 7 months pregnant and im in 30 weeks. its 2 weeks
left to 8 months =S

savannah09mae says:

@vhvinus u’re right. trust me.its a real fact that i’ve tried during my
pregnancy to get a baby boy. But many of my colleagues got a baby boy
because they followed the secret routines while pregnancy. is worth watch
this video about the secret routines that you should follow =>

danielleradloff999 says:

They are counting 4 weeks to a month. Most doctors do

pearl6570 says:

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christopheryan says:

why does it jump from week #8 to week #30? We’re confused

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