8 months pregnant part 1

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Meet Kaydi, 20 yr old female, who is 36 weeks or 8 months pregnant. See her big belly, while her uncle, Hans Moore, interviews her. Stay turned for more, when the baby arrives.. Filmed March 11, 2009. Filmed and edited by: Hans Moore


Tony Beckman says:

I what to feel hem kick

Bellegab18 says:


holypreperation says:

Oh and Im going to try to have mine all natural too. As long as I can with
out med’s. We will see lol. 😉 My first baby too 23 years old. WOOHOO!

holypreperation says:

That was freakin rude. The girl isnt going to break the chair. And mama,
dont worry about the stretch marks just use BIO OIL for now and then after
the birth use STRIVECTIN !THEY WORK!!!! I got em too. Its a part of
carrying a little angel around for 9 months. No worries. Youre beautiful!

Hans Moore says:

@Glam787 Yes, she had a healthy boy, which is now 18 months and he gets
into everything.

Glam787 says:

She’s so pretty and her honesty is refreshing. It looks like she had a nice
big healthy baby!

Hans Moore says:

Yes, this is Orange Jello. We plan to do a few follow ups, before her

Star City FAME says:

Great reporting & editorial style! Hey, isn’t that “Orange Jello???” She’s
a star in my book!! More, more, more…. Bring it on!!

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