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Hey guys this is my 32 week update !! Ahh i am so excited i truly cant believe i am about to have this baby boy soon i cannot wait to see him !!! 10.31.12 Love u guys thanks for watching ! xoxo


gymnassfan says:

Just too hot!

5STARxTiGER says:

i know !! I cant imagine what it will look like in 8 weeks !! 😛

Hayden Dixon says:

wow congratulations boy or girl and any more baby plans

5STARxTiGER says:

Yeah, i told him i did… He just said there wasnt much he could do besides
refer me to physical therapy. I DO NOT want a c-section !! Lol *fingers
crossed* ! Thank you soo much =)

Alison Olsson says:

does your ob know you have mild scoliosis? I have had a rod in my back
since I was 16 and with my 1st baby I had to have a 3d ultrasound to see if
anything was off center in the birth canal I guess…they told me it might
be a problem with natural delivery so I opted for a c-section in case I was
in labor forever and they told me I needed one anyways….not saying you
would have any issues, just wondering if anyone else has even had a problem
with it :-). congrats on your little boy too!

5STARxTiGER says:

As of my last doc. appt. the baby was measuring 33 cm. and ive gained about
35 pounds so far !! Lol

5STARxTiGER says:

Haha thats okay ! And THANK YOU !! =) I cant wait until hes here 😛

5STARxTiGER says:

ohh great cant wait !

Kaylee Consoer says:

Dont let anyone get to you! You are GORGOUSE! Sorry if i spelled that
wrong, only 13 and dont know how to spell haha jk but seriously your So
Pretty!!! Congrats on the baby!!!

Alison Olsson says:

and right after the baby is born is the worst part of the back pain! all
your muscles have adjusted slowly to gaining the weight but it takes a
couple of weeks for them to get use to losing all the weight in the
front…it was brutal for me! I think a brace or some kind of support would
have helped…so not looking forward to that again :/

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