8 months Pregnant NST not feeling Baby move after Tummy Tuck extra Fluid in Stomach

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28/29 Weeks #pregnant! Haters will say it’s photo-shopped! lollolllol. I kid..I kid. So on this day I went to my #NST appt and talked about my experience. LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE, and the ones who have my page bookmarked but are not subscribed; feel free to thumbs down as you normally do with your obsessed ass. Thanks #1 fan!

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#nonStressTest = NST
I’m 35, will be 36 when I have my 4th child.
I’m pregnant after a tummyTuck
I’ll be having my 4th Csection
I’m pregnant after breast augmentation
I’m 32 weeks pregnant (28 weeks at time of video)
Married Wife of 18 years, Mother of 4

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Nicole Novo says:

You look GORGEOUS mami! Congrats again XOXO

Natashia Pettaway says:

I am currently on my 4th pregnancy as well. I'm pregnant with my 4th son and I truly have to say this pregnancy has been the most challenging. Lol! I am a new subscriber to your channel. Blessings:)

Cheech Gordon says:

You are so tiny that's a blessing I'm so afraid to get pregnant I'm 31 but so scared I'll destroy my stomach again after the tummy tuck. My hubs said wait if I wanted to so I can lose even more weight and have money to do the surgery again I'm in my 160s currently trying to lose 10-20 lbs. Does your belly hurt from stretching also can u show u tummy bare?

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