8 months pregnant, belly baby dancing

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Josh M. says:

Baby wanted to come out and Stop that bloody song or music whatever.


That is soooo funny. I could’ve swore the baby was on beat on certain parts
of the song lolololol.

velisa88 says:

thats cute

Ryan Rendahl says:

hahaha this is soo funny :)

Briana k says:

I’m 8 months pregnant and when my son kicks me it hurts, there of this one
spot he kicks constantly when he’s hungry, uh its so damn sore.but I love

estebann says:


koolman3035 says:

my belly’s HUGE! the baby is almost ten pounds! due 07/06/09 it looks like
i have a watermelon with two cantelopes on top under my shirt.

willow003 says:

as awesome and cute as that is, it’s also creepy. :/

Elaine Kelley says:

My daughter used to do this alot when I was in the bath. Its such a lovely
feeling x

Yinoke7 says:

its like coneheads!

xilver3 says:

the baby inside is wrapped and the walls inside is much number.

reload13579 says:

nice song

PinkNGlam89 says:

Omg! The baby was so dancing. Lol. Must agree with PuertoRicanPrincesa =)
Well about the painful part. Lol.

estebann says:

yes, it was a little painfull, at this time.

dpuflores says:

we now know how people become GAY! playing gay music prior to birth!

MnihPL says:

holy shit 😀

Nikipueyrredon says:

Very sexy!!!

12valvepower1 says:


3dlambert says:

are they hands?

chad croger says:

sexy kicking pregnant baby good !!!!!!!!!!

Bianca Walker says:

lol wow thats one active baby!

12valvepower1 says:

there is a girl.. not far fro me. pregnant works in a bar.. i want to co
ordinate my times.. so i can be there and she can be my waitress. i have
had many pregnant waitresses in past. is good thing yes.

antonyM2007 says:

does it hurt when it kicks

lalocahot03 says:

This is sO cute. Uuf doesntt iit hurts ?!

anonymousphox says:

such awful music. poor baby…

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