8 Months Pregnant baby kicking like CRAZY in belly – 33 weeks

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angelloves9813 says:

i bet the first pregnant woman ever freaked out…i would have been like
what in tf is this!!!

angelcake04 says:

cute but creepy too

Massimo Valdes says:

Is there like a party going on in there!?!?!

Miguel Augusto Bravo Melgarejo says:

I remember 1 movie.. Alien.. ‘o’

madeinheavenx says:

My little one does this now and I’m only 23 weeks, we can’t see her feet
though haha.

Emily Jane leighton porter says:

that’s wicked I saw what I thought was the shape of The Babies arm

ily michelle says:

If anybody is interested in baby related videos / beauty watch my channel
I’m new to YouTube :) 

Court Tony says:

I’m on baby number 3 and i’ll tell ya this feeling never gets old!

Whitney Dees says:

Maaaaaannnn! That looks CRAZY!!!

jj ceballos says:

Nice. This is the most active kicking baby inside the belly I’ve seen so

angeldelight900 says:

Wish mine did that as visible, i just get a back lump poking out lol

Bogdanuser says:

Release the Kraken !

Jennifer Solange says:

Hermoso <3

Master Gamer says:

What would happen if u punched your stomach when the baby is moving

5thPlayerGam1ng says:

And he shall be the greatest dancer the world has ever KNOWN! :D

Jacklyn Troiano says:

Teen Mom is in the background

alexcia blackman says:

Do it hurt

Madison Reams says:

It’s like GET ME OUTAH HERE!!!!!!!

Marjonelle Landerito says:

When I watch this. I was like “woaaaah” its so amazing.. :) I’m 30 weeks

Nocturnal Toothbrush says:

I would freak out.

alexcia blackman says:

Do it hurt

landis69 says:

my wife is 6 months and the baby is starting to kick, it doesn’t hurt her.
She says it feels like butterfly’s in her stomach, not uncomfortable just a
little wierd and certainly not painful.

Kiki Santizar says:

Omg I’m only 19 weeks and I feel a few flutters . Wow. This is going to
happen to me lol it’s amazing but creepy

crest smile says:


stellaatje says:

That skin looks and souds dry, I feel an urge to put some moisturer on it

queen bsomh says:


Juliet Cuthkelvin says:

That is just kool.. 

Pregolover100 says:

That’s so fucking hot

yadira santacruz says:

Omg that looks painful

zakerace says:

Jesus Christ 

Mitchie Mendoza says:

Hahha he wants to get out of their already 

landis69 says:

this woman is ready to give birth within a week it looks like

claire louise says:

Does it hurt at all or just feel strange?

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