8 months preggo! Belly painting :o)

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This was from Halloween 2008! I was 8 months preggo :o) Don’t forget to subscribe for more pregnancy videos, and the growth of our son.

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LoraAndLayton says:

Thank you :o) Tripp will ALWAYS know that he is loved. By everyone around
him. That’s for sure!

LoraAndLayton says:

@kittykat196741 Thank you!!

DawnMarie81 says:

What a great idea. So cute :)

LoraAndLayton says:

Thank you :o)

lanityler says:

I think you have a perfect belly Lora.

ilovebam41 says:

how cute!!! :]

mrnyall says:

So cute! Big belly! :)

Jessica Nyquist says:

So cute :)

JenNTim509 says:

Tim and I just did this yesterday! Wish my belly was rounder like yours for
it but oh well it well it still turned out cute! :o)

claudia62782 says:

It is so crazy to look back and see your living room has changed no more
table and tons of toys now. lol Hope yall had a good halloween

LoraAndLayton says:

We used Halloween face paint crayons :o)

Mel Art says:


ButterflieXX says:

SO CUTE! I love this :)

xwemustneverbeapartx says:

Cute! I just painted my belly as a pumpkin for Halloween as well.

MommyMiChelle09 says:

i did this last night! Yours came out so cute!!

Stephanie Main says:

that is a cool video

LearnAboutMe101 says:

OMG lol wen i become preggo i am so gonna make my husband do that, it’s soo
cute ^^

Angela Tramontana says:

You ywo are such a cute couple!

LoraAndLayton says:

I know, it’s insane! We’ll try for another probably when Tripp is about 1
1/2 :o)

LoraAndLayton says:

@gila5200 Well, it would be pretty hard for him to paint a giant pumpkin on
my belly with me sitting down and my belly resting on my thighs, now
wouldn’t it?! lol

Coral Marie says:

What Song Is Playing In This Video.? It’s Really Sweet (:

jcning says:

aw, what sweet memories!!! Super cute!

lovebirdmaria1989 says:

i wanted to do this for my little girl it looked like so much fun , to bad
my husband was busy working or eles it would have been fun thank for the

LoraAndLayton says:

Yeay! :o)

eyam24 says:

Hey am 25 weeks and tomorrow is Halloween am planning to pain a pumpkin In
my belly Bt idk what paint to use … What did u use??

LoraAndLayton says:


LoraAndLayton says:

@HawaiinFlowers3927 Thank you :o)

Danielle Joel says:

what an awesome couple you guys are. tripp is going to always be in a world
of love

gila zadok says:

LOL… The funny thing is that you are sitting and the pregnwnt lady is
standing… What a gentleman… Well all the other is ok… Thank you for
your video clip…

Lisaqh83 says:

I love this! very beautiful! <3

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