8 Month Postpartum with Twins! – tummy shot, sleep, and MILESTONES!!! – itsMommysLife

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On October 18, 2012 we welcomed our little cutie bear, Julianna onto this world! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZsZs5…

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Win Green says:

Miya standing up, awwww, i can tell Judy was genuinely so happy <3 , such a
cutie pie 

WiiGurlGaming says:

“My relationship with my husband is much better.”
Yeah, sure Judy. Keep lying to the viewers.

ochikeron says:

thank you judy! i always enjoy your videos. you show us how wonderful
having children. i can’t believe my daughter is coming out in few weeks, or
maybe sooner :3 i think i wouldn’t have thought of having a kid until i see
your vlog channel when jb is still in your belly. time flies. hehe

Danielle D. says:

Wow i havent see You in a long time!! And Omg Judy You are sooo fat!

Danielle McNeal says:

I would love it if you could do a video on your bedtime routines! I have a
2 year old and almost 3 month old twins and I’m struggling getting them all
to bed at night! How did/do you do it?? My 2 year old has a bedtime of
anywhere between 7-8 and I’m lucky if I get the twins down by 9:30-10 every
night. And how do you juggle them all? My 2 year old is great and it only
takes about 15 mins to put him down, but I’m having a hard time getting the
twins into a routine. PLEASE HELP!!!

maquilleMOI says:

How did you work them unto a sleep schedule ect….I have a 5 months old
and still doesn’t sleep thru the night

cgrepresentative01 says:

They should be at least crawling they are definitely behind. STOP asking
Judy about schedules this woman puts Julianna to bed at 9- 10 pm. Just so
that she can get up late and she can sleep in. Judy doesn’t do much with
her kids so please stop asking her.

Healu1102 says:

I’m sure after nursing for so long it’s hard to end that but at the same
time I bet it feels good not to be nursing just for the sake of your own
body. Sounds like they are thriving now and that your family is doing and
feeling better!

Neva Susmelj says:

I’ve noticed improvement in your relationship :) few months ago i was so
sad watching you two not getting along very well :)


Its crazy its been 8 1/2 months! Your girls are beautiful and your doing an
amazing job as a mommy!

signiturelady says:

You may benefit from wearing a corset. I’ve always heard that it helps your
stomach to go down the rest of the way. I cannot imagine how hard it must
be to take care of yourself when you have 3 kids under the age of 3.
However, you look great! I’m glad you and Benji are doing well! 

sweetheartcastle says:

Judy I’m having a BOY!!!! ☺️

jenferlyn84 says:

You all are adorable and your stomach looks amazing!

boarding711 says:

so cute! Talk about how you keep normal sane with TWO! how you feed, sleep
train (?)

Kristy Napier says:

what new products do you prefer/love to have with the twins that you didn’t
have with JB? There’s always something new coming out all the time for
babies. Also, what is something old and trusty that you swear by?

brooke b says:

Please do a schedule vid

lovecrazygirl102 says:

Can u please do a video on the twins and Julliannas routine and how u keep

Hanan McClarty says:

Please I want know the bed schedule and what u do if they cry and witch age
u start , for the little cute girls and the and oldest sister too, I just
want know every thing about bed time because it big problem with me

Zayda Robinson says:

How did you get your girls to go to bed with out a bottle with them?

Alicia Day says:

Judy you should do a video for mommy’s expecting twins! Say the things you
couldn’t live without the first couple months with them! Or just in general
newborn must haves? It would be very helpful!! I’m expecting identical twin
girls very soon I’m 31 weeks now but they might come early! I’m also only
17 and watching your vlogs are the highlight of my day! Watching you with
your twins gets me sooooo excited and I learn tips and get advice just
watching your vlogs of your everyday life! I’m very thankful for your
channels !! 

Aoife says:

Your looking fab Judy xxx doing an amazing job xxx

MegannnM7 says:

You guys should try like a week or so challenge where you try to take care
of the three of them without any help from like maids or nannies or cousins
or grandparents just to see what it’s like for other people. Idk. I just
think that would be interesting. :)

Katherine fails says:


lulu2lalas says:

I should stop watching videos like this, they make want to have another

KawaiiVI Tina says:

Are the twins going to get their ears pierced, Judy? :)

Hollie Barker says:

Can you do a video like this but with jb.

yourugly58 says:

I looove all your videos, even more so because I also have a daughter a
month younger than the twins and she’s hitting those milestones as well. So
exciting, yet nerve wrecking, you guys do so well doing double! Can you
please make a daily routine video for the babies. I’m trying to get my
little mini on a better schedule as well AND sleeping in her own bed (in
her own room a little later). Thank you! God bless!!

Gi B says:

TIps on breast feeding… I had my first child at a very young age so
trying to breast feed was not easy, I did do it for 3 months but had to top
him off with formula.. Now that I am expecting my second baby after SOOO
long I would like to try it again, and I just would like to know what to do
and kind of what to expect even though everyone is different… Thanks!!!

Paolaaavmo says:

Since you’re no longer nursing what are you doing about the engorgement in
your breast? I’m going to stop nursing soon and I’m afraid I’ll get a
clogged milk duct from not getting the milk out. If you have some pointers
Id appreciate it. 

Pearly Pakarang says:

0:16 xD miya bear

Ellie Bellie says:

Is it weird that I started walking when I was 9 months

Emily Garcia says:

Love all your videos judy! ^~^

Vicky Loftus says:

I’ve really noticed the difference with you and bento lately, you seem so
so happy together again. It’s like your vlogs from before the babies when
you were in the condo. Love to your family. 

marjorie Ramac says:

You look great judy , your 3 kids are soo cute and adorable , i know its
so much work to have 3 kids , I have 2 kids myself both girls and
sometimes its hard to keep up , you guys are doing great raising them , &
no one is perfect . (:<3 GOD bless your family .

yellogoodbye says:

what lipstick are you wearing? it’s beautiful!

Briana Iniguez says:

I have a question….I’ve notice you don’t have baby bumpers in the crib is
that okay I always thought you needed then 

Misty Truong says:

LMFAO …. omg. i’m literally crying of laughing hahahha. when miya fell
over and her reaction when she realized she was gonna tip over was
priceless LOL, oh my godness. then she falls over and hits keira haha, so
adorable. you have an amazing family <333

BeautyByVanesa says:

Can you please please make a video on their sleeping schedule ans how you
got them there? I’m having trouble putting my second baby into a schedule
and I would love to get some ideas from you :)

Samanta Chan says:

Do a video about each of your girls exclusively! One about Just JB, one
about just Miya, and one about just Keira!

Asmaa GAZ says:

Hi JUDY i really love your daily vlogs , awww myia bear i always love
watching the video when she collided her head in the mirror ,
i am anew mommy and your videos are so helpful thanks a lot , my child is 6
month old , i can’t put her to sleep without soother :( , can you do a
video about baby sleep schedule please

hellobrttnylynn says:

I’m a breastfeeding mom of an 8 month old girl and she has a tooth coming
in. My goal is to nurse for a year and then wean her off. What made you
decide to stop nursing and how did you go about drying up your supply
without hurting yourself? 

Diana Onio says:

Hey Judy can u make a video about how and when you guys transitioned the
girls sleeping with you in your room to their own room/crib and when you
started to put them on a sleep schedule and what are your tips on putting
them down if they’re being fussy. 

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