7 Weeks Pregnant With Rainbow Baby!

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This week baby is the size of a blueberry.
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Kendra B says:

I am with you on having no motivation & no energy!
I really think this pregnancy will be successful because of all your strong
symptoms and getting past the point of your other miscarriages. I
definitely don’t think your being negative or complaining at all! All the
symptoms are real and make you feel icky. I like how you tell how the
symptoms make you feel.

Girl, you are not fat or chubby at all!!

Thank you for the congratulations!! Also, thank you for sharing about
Kristy! Love that everyone here is coming together and being so supportive!

Ps. If I go by my retrieval day, you are exactly a week ahead of me! Glad I
have a preggo buddy! 

Jennifers Dream3 says:

I’m on my third pregnancy after two losses as well, I’m the furthest I’ve
ever gotten too, it’s a great feeling, enjoy your ultrasound, can’t wait
for u to see Ur baby :-)

So Wheeler says:

I’m really happy/hopeful for you. Keeping you in my prayers!
Acknowledging the symptoms is not negative, don’t feel bad. I’m 20 weeks
and I used to feel the same in the beginning. But some days you do feel
sick and tired (literally) and it’s totally okay to say how/what you feel.
I’ve been watching your vids and I would not once begin to think you are
-God bless

Nicole A says:


rickkia betts says:

awwwww I cant wait til the 22nd! I get the see the lil poohda on the sono!!

Charity S says:

I’m soooo happy for you

Melonmug Dendy says:

I just subscribed! I look forward to following you, and hoping it is for a
happy healthy pregnancy. I’m a few weeks behind you, so I will have an idea
of what is coming up for me :)

Brittany Woods says:

Yay!!! Congratulations I’m so excited to find a recent pregnancy vlog I am
also 7 weeks and due June 10 so your a week ahead of me!! I also started
making vlogs well…..only one so far and my weeks also turn over on
Wednesdays :) congrats!!

Savannah Dawson says:

I’m glad you’ve gotten this far! You really start to feel better around 12
weeks so you’ve only got a few more to go! I’m 29 weeks today and I had
back pain around 7 weeks and some cramping because of everything
stretching. So don’t stress too much. I’m praying for you!

gggb175 says:

Did you experience any cramping and spotting while 7 weeks? I woke up with
bad cramping and I’m freaking out

myjourney99 says:

was worried but glad all is okay!

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