7 Weeks Pregnant Update! – Ultrasound, Exercise & Belly!

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Welcome to my 7 week pregnancy update with baby #3! This week I talk about my ultrasound, belly growth, exercise and symptoms such as nausea and cramps. Thanks everyone for following along and supporting my journey. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below :)
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Due Date: March 30th, 2015

7 Weeks Baby #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BnA8_VMDWg

My beauty channel: http://www.youtube.com/AllisonsVanity

My favourite makeup brushes: http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=326206

Instagram!: AllisonKFamily

Facebook: Allison ‘allharr’

To contact me: allisonkbeauty@gmail.com

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JLynneMama says:

Tracy Anderson has a really cool pregnancy DVD series that has a different
DVD workout for every month of pregnancy! I loved it!

Lisa MarieTTC says:

Weeks 7 – 9 were the worst for me for nauseawise. Hope you start feeling
better soon!

JLynneMama says:

Those ultrasounds are pretty cool! I’m enjoying your updates and following
you throughout this pregnancy. :)

TheEagals Nest says:

That’s so cool that they can tell you ovulated out of both ovaries. Really
cool pictures. When I saw the split screen one in the thumbnail I did think
I was going to be twins for a sec. Lol. 

kakie1024 says:

Congratulations happy for you been following you for a while

MamaHearts .Five says:

Looking beautiful love watching your journey I followed you with your 2nd
daughter journey and now im pregnant aswell it’s great to compare symptoms
we have a lot of them in commen. – loved the ultrasound photos xx can’t
wait for your next update. 

Deb Chenevert says:

I read a study where on first trimester ultrasounds 97% of the time if the
placenta is on the left of the baby it’s a girl and if its on the right of
the baby it’s a boy!

Erica S says:

Excited for you but so sorry you’re feeling sick! Wanted to let you know
that you can briefly see a last name through your fingers; thought you
might want to edit the video so it’s not visible :)

nickiochsenbein01 says:

Love the ultrasound pictures. Such a cute lil peanut. So sweet. Your
eyeliner looks amazing in this video by the way:)

flamingodiego says:

May i ask how old you are?
Congrats by the way! 

loveylove says:

You look so wonderful, so excited to follow you on this journey. What was
your exercise like before getting pregnant? Your transformation is beyond
inspiring to me. 

GracieandMommy says:

Love from YTMM :)

christmascarol86 says:

Your belly is so cute! I’m really enjoying your updates and hope you get a
nausea reprieve soon. 

misaki covington says:

Feel better soon

LadyEMC2TV . says:

Congrats on your pregnancy. Glad to hear everything is progressing nicely. 

Allison's Journey says:

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