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My name is Myka and I am a 27 year old mother to 2 beautiful little girls and married to the man of my dreams. I am currently pregnant with our 3rd child and sharing with the world my pregnancy updates from the very beginning, live pregnancy test to the day our baby is born! I also share mommy advice and makeup tips and tutorials for special occasions or everyday fun! Best way to show your support is to subscribe to my channels and social media! Would love to hear from everyone :)


melissa middleton says:

I am constantly nauseous… All. the. Time

Janis Washington says:

Im having food adversions also im not really feeling hungry. I used to eat fast food regularly i would rather have fast food than home cooked food .i havent confirmed that im pregnant yet but my boyfriend knows im pregnant. My symptoms im having is sore breast back aches since yesterday i have experienced nausea it feels like its sitting at the top of my esophagus motion sickness if i move around to much i feel sick .so far i haven't had implementational bleeding or an increase in urination yet .my last period was march 2nd 2019 april 2nd i missed my period my periods are regular they last for 7 days. i do have a 8 year old son with him i had the regular common symptoms now im like whats going on maybe its gone be a girl idk i cant wait to find out

Pashe Yvonne says:

Everything has been sounding very nasty to me. It’s so hard trying to eat in my first trimester and also nauseous all the time.

veena kaakar says:

I have got amazing results drinking "no to morning sickness tea" twice a day before having meal. this herbal formula really did magic in cutting down the severity of nausea. its a maternitytea.com product for those who wanna learn about this formula.

Goo gle says:

I have so much food aversion and severe bloating

Shaikia Mack says:

Ginger Gum for morning sickness boat rides etc it works.

Silenny S says:

OMG I'm listening to the food she's mentioning and I'm imagining them.. I just literally want to vomit..ugghhh this is horrible.. one day I'm good then the next day I'm not ..

Miss Beauitful says:

I'm with you on the food front

V Reacts says:

happy holidays. how's family?

Stephanie tv says:

I’m 7 weeks and vegetarian and so freaking sick I know what u mean

Nik W says:

Ginger snap biscuits help for nausea

Fall 4 Now says:

What did u figure out for your nausea? I see this is from 2015 so you must have a little one now. I'm 7 weeks now and I've literally lost weight cause of all the puking and not being able to eat. Help!!!

Brianna Melvin says:

I’m 7 weeks with baby # 2 and I’m so nervous all the time I just hoe my bundle is doing ok I love it so much already

Joshua & Crystal DaVault says:

I thought u just had a miscarriage on week 6. So how on week 7 are u still pregnant

Sam Cross says:

I'm pregnant with my first baby I'm 7 weeks and 6 days is it possible for me to be showing at all ?

Grace Jax says:

I am in my week 7 in my pregnancy and. I pee a lot

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