7 weeks Pregnant after having a tummy tuck 2 years prior

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I had a Tummy tuck in 2008 after having my sweet son he weighed almost 9lbs and I had a complicated C-Section. I had loose sagging skin that I had removed and tightened (Nip Tuck) and after the tummy tuck I decided I wanted one more little one. This is for girls out there who are debating on having another child after already having a tummy tuck. I will continue monthly updates on this pregnancy Diary.


joysdabomb says:

@morknice of course you can! I was worried too at first but this pregnancy
has been very easy. No stretch marks, I’m not that big and I have 58 days
left to go until my beautiful baby boy is born. Glad I could be some
reassurance to you. Good Luck ; )

mark10ification says:

I couldn’t see you fanny

successfulsayama says:

I just want to know how your stomach looks after having the baby. Because I
had a tummy tuck about 1yr ago and now my husband wants a baby– but I am
still “thinking” how my stomach will look

Michelle Reyes says:

I hope I can get one. I was close to 200 lbs and now im weighing between
125-130 because of my height. hopefully I’ll be able to get a tummy tuck
soon to feel better about myself. im only 21 and i feel so self conscience
watching my friends wear bikinis while im covering my whole body up. The
plus is that you can always hide our scar with make up to make it less
visible. thank you for re-assuring me I can still have kids later on :]

Lehua Makalani says:

Thanks for your videos, I have horrible sagging skin after 2 babies and I
just hate it. I have been seriously considering a TT but my husband wants
at least one more in 5-6 years, this is great now I can have both. Don’t
think I can live out the rest of 20’s feeling bad in swimwear.

Bro TryHard says:

nice thong!!!

joysdabomb says:

@perlamaria30 Well you can definitely use the Vitamin E Capsules. Just take
little sharp scissors and cut the End open and then smear it directly on
the scar. I use the high contensity vitamin E 1000 MG. I also used Mederma
Scar Treatment Cream, Scar Guard, and Bio Oil. It will all soften the scar
and reduce visibility. Hope this helps you : )

joysdabomb says:

@gris4544 Yes they were tightened when I had the tummy tuck. I am 28 weeks
today and they are still tight together. Hopefully they stay the same for
the next 11 weeks that I have left in my pregnancy : )

jasmine meyia says:

hi I was wondering if there’s any way to improve the scar my boyfriend says
that it looks nasty and he told me that most guys think like that they just
don’t say it

Deuces2107 says:

I want a tummy tuck. I had a 9 lbs 4 oz 21 1/2 inch long baby boy and he
really did some damage to my tummy. I hate how I look now! It’s hard going
from a nice fit body to a ugly overweight body. I am going to work out and
get my fat into a low percentage and then go so a surgeon that specializes
in TT etc. I am already saving!! I dunno if I should have one more baby or
just get the TT done. I am 21 and feel like I am too young to be looking
like this and feeling so old and ugly.

morknice says:

im glad i saw ur video now i know i can have more kids after i get a tummy
tuck that was my biggest concern

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