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7 Unexpected Body Changes Since Having Kids | Post Partum Baby Body. Deflating Boobs, Weight Loss and “The Downtown Situation”; I’m sharing everything they don’t tell you about your post baby bod!

There are so many expectations we have for pregnancy and postpartum, but what they don’t often talk about are the long term unexpected changes you experience after having children. Pregnancy can take a toll on your body, so weight loss, pregnancy physiotherapy and post partum physiotherapy are often the first things we think about after childbirth. In this video, I talk about my postpartum weight loss secrets, how I got my pre-baby body back fast, and how to get fit after having a baby. Thumbs up if you enjoy my video on unexpected body changes since having kids and let me know in the comments if you have any secrets on how to get your pre-baby body back!


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Hi my name is Ash Jackson and on this channel I plan to post all kids of how to videos such as ‘how to lose baby weight fast’, ‘how to organise your home’, ‘how to create DIY decor and furniture on a budget’, ‘how to eat healthy on a budget’ ‘how to be a stylish mum on a budget’, ‘how to meal plan for your family’, how to create healthy family meal plans’, ‘how to workout at home with kids’ and much more. I also do Australian Family Daily Vlogs with my Aussie Vlogging Family on our separate Young Family Vlog Channel.


Susan michael says:

I lost my post baby weight with the help of "Mummy magic weight loss tea".

Donna Williams says:

To loose post baby weight fast I used to drink mummy magic weight loss tea and it I could see a big change in my weight in a short amount of time.

helen smith says:

Mummy Magic Weight Loss tea is the best to loose baby weight. After I had my first child I gained a lot of weight than I gave this tea a try and it really worked

grimmscythe says:

What kind of exercise are for downstairs that they give? Like what can you do

Pritika Kant says:

Hi, after birth did you have body aches? Iam in 3mnth pp and experiencing extreme body ache and fatigue… would you know why??

Trusthope lifestyle says:

They should mAke a breast cream to help the breast come back and not be so deflated after breastfeeding

Dovie Mareé says:

I'm worried bout Havin a baby and raising it as someone who is blind

Rachelle Kreuzer says:

its been 2year since i had my daughter and i feel my body has gone back way thing are but do still have little bit baby fat as did come back to me after few months of having my daughter but i did also breastfeed till she was 14months i didnt think did anything to my weight but with eye change colour i get say i am the same my burn brown before was like greenish colour and my daughter eye are blue

N A says:

I am worried about getting stretch marks

JOE Li says:

hi, are you interesting to review my product about Postpartum Recovery belt(more detail:http://a.co/boxNhfq)?
please let my your idea.

Jaz Reyann says:

Currently watching this at 34w2d pregnant ❤️

Hannah Elizabeth says:

I absolutely love how honest you are Ash. I think it's really wonderful to talk about the things people usually don't. Thank you.

Michelle Romo says:

Can you make a video on the exercises that worked for you?

inagirl95 says:

I did do a reduction and I am glad I did, because my back, neck and head was hurting constantly. I removed over 1 kg, after surgery I feel so much better. I did have a few complications and the healing prosess was really long for me.

Jessica Hurtado says:

I'm currently pregnant, and my hair went from being straight to curly overnight. I wonder if it will remain that way after baby arrives.

e jane says:

My eyes changed from brown to hazel with lots of green after having my son also. I have very similar skin tone to you too so maybe that has something to do with it. Im loving their new colour anyway, much prefer it to brown. You always look fantastic by the way. You should do a hair routine one day.

Tilly Violet says:

It's strange isn't it! Your videos hardly pop into my subscriptions! Anyway, was wondering if you could make a video just based simply around the pain of pregnancy, before giving birthday, during giving birth and of course after! I'm always curious and the videos I watch aren't always indirect! #rawmumvideoplease

Larissa Dean says:

I'm currently TTC #1 so I found this quite interesting for the whole what will happen after stage – completely with you on the boob job thing I really want a reduction right now (currently a G so I'm nervous to what they will get like when I am pregnant) but I'm totally open to getting something done to them post pregnancy

livthediv x says:

I can't wait to be a mum, your videos are so helpful and informative. Love your channel xxx

Mary Gralton says:

Also do u have eyelash extensions? xo

Mary Gralton says:

Hey ash! love your makeup in this video!!! you are truly beautiful ❤

Victoria Mather says:

Do you mean the outside or inside of the vagina? Or both?

ChloeP92 says:

I'm a trainer who specialises in post pregnancy women. Core is definitely important but I think you've got the trampoline and running problem confused. That's the pelvic floor. Some exercises are the same and then there are specific pelvic floor exercises

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