7 Ultrasound Abdominal Scanning Techni

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Saima Shahzad says:

v nice lectures thanks

Baahmed Azzedine says:

thank you for this lectures PROFESSOR mark rosen , i have a question when the ivc is collapsed inferior than 1.5 mm is it not a sign of shock and in emergency care of a patient with low pressure is it a trick that can lead us for the perfusion
thank you

Robert Emane says:

merci pour ces vidéos educatives

atif khan says:

very informative usg video. thanks a lot.

Jaya Medika says:

thanks for inf usg,,,

violette perdue says:

thank you :)

Osman Abubaker says:

valuable ,,,,,,, thancks

Brian Levy says:

Fabulous video, Dr. Rosen…thanks, Brian Levy, MD FRCP(C)

Josh Dunne says:

Why does an ultrasound machine make rapid beeps sometimes?

sean rogers says:

dr. mark rosen mentions being able to scan the neck for CVP estimate, but there is no corresponding video on your channel.  can you explain how to do that?  I've read about measuring the pressure to compress the IJ and/or just measuring the dimensions of the IJ but I'm not sure and couldn't find too much on it.  Thanks for any info.

amir dzanic says:

tanck you a lot. It,s educational video,and I have a benefit off it

sudhir yadav says:

great… ty for lecture

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