7 Months Pregnant!! + Belly shot!!.

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Hey everyone :) I can’t believe i’ve reached 7 months already!! only 2 months left to go!! I forgot to mention that i had my midwife appointment and i had an examination which she found that baby sienna is now facing downwards so she’s in the right place lol! i’m hoping she will stay there and also another symptom is i’ve been getting pressure on my lower abdomen which i think is new as her position has changed!


Sophia Bracknell says:

@heatherjohnandkayden Hope the back ache eases up for you! I’m interested
to know how the pregnancy is different? what other sort of symptoms are you
getting? hope your doing ok :)

yinka bally says:

Bless you, how time flies. The baby stuff are really lovely, i have decided
to hold on the shopping until i am about 28wks. You really look lovely,
make sure you get a lot of rest as well, by the way i am 20 wks today and
holding u pretty well. All the best.

Sophia Bracknell says:

@ashleyfrances1 thanks very much! :) I just had it cut! glad you like the
nursery it’s getting there, just need to get the cot now! I havn’t tried
magnesium .. might give it a go .. thanks :) I’m making my update video
soon so will let you know how the appointment went, hope your doing good!

bahleaballerina says:

your so cute hun! Conrats on your pregnancy!!! Im due june 16th so we are
super close! yay!!!

chatabox0girl says:

@xRocknRollbabyx yeah, almost every night! they are usually ok but
sometimes they get really painful which sucks big time!

JennaLynn21990 says:

you still look great!! and you are getting soooo close now! i love the name
you have picked out!

heatherjohnandkayden says:

it is SOOO weird to see how your pregnancy is different from mine since
we’re only days apart. i have back aches too and they are horrible! hope
everything is going well (:

chatabox0girl says:

The nursery is looking great! And those leg cramps are really painful!!

Sophia Bracknell says:

@kookaiiz Another girl that i spoke too was telling me that she didnt have
to fast too, she only couldnt eat sugary things .. which i think it should
be that way, i felt really rotten that morning not eating breakfast and
then having to get a load of blood taken from me eurgh :/ aaw thanks, i got
it from mothercare! I think you should deffintiely treat yourself next time
:) how expensive are they over there?

ashleyfrances1 says:

Your hair looks amazing!! The nursery is gorgeous! Have you tried taking
magnesium (with possibly calcium?) for the cramps?? Good luck with your
appt! :)

larisasmith says:

how cuute!!!! i got a girl due in june too!

mummyof2weegirls says:

i love the pooh bear stuff!! i have themed my wee girls room pooh bear too
but its not the classic theme, just the normal. its a gorgeous theme tho aye

ashleyk1840 says:

Congratulations! Isn’t it crazy how fast the pregnancy zips by?! You are
adorable! I love the nursery! I am experiencing the heart burn/acid reflux
as well. I have noticed drinking a glass of milk will soothe it for awhile.
Also, try sleeping propped up at a 45 degree angle. I hope the leg cramps
end soon, they are truly painful!

Sophia Bracknell says:

It’s great isnt it! anything disney reminds me of my childhood so i thought
it would be perfect for her :) bet your girls room looks fab!

Sophia Bracknell says:

aaw thanks very much!! I know only two more months or maybe a little more,
im so excited to meet her :)

Sophia Bracknell says:

Thanks very much! Can’t believe how close i’m getting to meeting her! are
you getting the cramps too?

Sophia Bracknell says:

thanks very much! i know it really is flying by crazy to think she could be
here in two months time! Thanks for the advice, i think i will try sleeping
at that angle, as i got it really bad last night, it’s so
uncomfortable…Hope you are doing well :)

kookaiiz says:

I never had to fast for my glucose test & only had the one blood test,
thank god cos i hated them! Fainting was a BIG part of that lol. I love the
basket. Its origianlly what i wanted but just went with a bplain bassinet
instead. I think i might spoil myself next time & get one lol, theyre alot
more expensive over here.

Sophia Bracknell says:

@bahleaballerina thanks sweetheart! oh wow we are close indeed 😀 congrats
on your pregnancy also!! :) Hope your doing good!!

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