7 months Pregnant belly moving

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erin jackson says:

Oh goodness lol im 5 months now and hes moving soo much but not like that tho im sooo scared cause it feels so weird to me lol ill be aure to video tape mine´╗┐

Samary Gomez says:

Amazing! Im almost 7 moths and my baby moves a lot too :)

jacky shikongo says:

Is that even real? Amazing though

leadfoot driver says:

she wont sleep with me around

ginadenver says:

Wow it's amazing

Viridiana Yaeggy says:

I am seven months old and my don does not kick that much

Ingrid Leon says:

Holy crap! thats amazing! <3 Poor mommy lol looks like signs of strong healthy baby to me :)

Christic P. says:

That baby wants out!

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