7 months / 27 weeks pregnant after having tummy tuck 2 years ago

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Getting ready for the baby. I believe the C-Section will be scheduled for Feb. 14th but I will know for sure the next Dr. Apt. No problems yet just a little out of breath and some pain down by pelvic area. I think it’s just my uterus growing and baby stretching.


joysdabomb says:

@rachelthehorn Thanks Girl. I saw your Video and you look good too! ; )

043gustavo says:

Its amazing!

043gustavo says:

Hey can you give some info

Heather McFeely says:

You look great! Congratulations on your new addition. I am due on 2/20 with
#5 and didn’t even look that great pre-pregnancy. LOL

lizvigil11111 says:

I am 5 wks preg and had a TT 3 years ago, I was wondering if your feeling
any muscle or skin stretching? Any other discomforts? and I wanted to know
why your have a csection?

Rachel Horn says:

wow – that is amazing how small you are :)

Elite saladin says:

U have the tiniest pregnant belly I’ve ever seeeen lol

joysdabomb says:

@lizvigil11111 I don’t feel any stretching yet. My tummy is just real hard.
I am having a scheduled C-Section because My almost 9 year old son was an
emergency C-Section because we lost his heartbeat and I don’t want to go
through that again. Plus I get to Schedule it aproximately at 38 weeks. So
the Sooner the better so we can meet our little guy. Good Luck with your

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