7 Month Tummy Tuck Update | Before and After Pictures

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My 7 Month Tummy Tuck update! In this video I talk about:

– Scar Healing
– Belly Button Healing
– Swelling
– How many clothing sizes did I drop?
– Working out
– Tightness

My Tummy Tuck Survival Kit:

Video 1: 3 Week Update: https://youtu.be/RCFji18unxY
Video 1: 3 Month Update: https://youtu.be/_fhvAGGkyKE

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icmarroquin says:

I had my TT on January and I still dont have sensitivity around my bellybutton and I feel like 3 small little balls in my scar

Jessica Z says:

I have a similar body composition as you. I'm having a tummy tuck, breast lift, augmentation and lipo July 16th. I hope I have great results as yours! You look amazing, huge inspiration.

Deanie says:

I want to girl I had 2 kids .and no matter how much weight I lost my tummy always has extra skin.:(

J&A Rod says:

I have an appointment in August to talk about my surgery cannot wait.

Leann Durrance says:

You’re awesome! Love all your videos! And you always look great! Where did you get this top? I love the pattern! :)

danielagonzalez17 says:

I also had three kids and I'm pretty sure I have gaps on my abs too. Your postpartum belly looked great compared to what mine looks like right now. I wish one day I can do this too.

Stop looking You can go now says:

You look amazing I’m very happy for you ❤️❤️❤️

Sally B says:

Your videos on this are great, thanks so much! Can you please tell me where you get your bras from? They look wireless and they’re the only ones I wear. Especially the bright geometric one, that’s beautiful. Thanks so much!

discoveryeducove says:

Did u drink ur ketones after the op

Cheryl Frye says:

your so beautiful i have a question do i need to do intermittent fasting when on keto and still loseweight fast please get back to me soon

Kandace Silvola says:

I’ve had 4 babies, lost 50 lbs and 15 lbs below the weight that was my goal :) my stomach starts out looking fine in the morning, but by evening it looks bloated. I think I have a gap between my muscles causing that. Worst is when I work out and my loose skin just hangs. Planning on getting a tummy tuck early next year. I live in California so I’ll be looking out for the surgeon you went to if he’s around my area. Thanks for sharing!!!

Divaemanuel says:

Thank you for being transparent. You are so down to earth. I appreciate you

Crystal Hughbanks says:

How close to your goal weight were you? I have my surgery scheduled on 8/5, but sort of wish I was closer to my goal weight. The surgeon didn’t seem concerned and actually didn’t even weigh me, just did the exam to check diastasis recti.

Mary Gomez says:

Need your help. I've been on Keto for 1 month and only lost 6 pounds. I'm tracking my macro's with carb manager and under 20 carbs a day . I'm getting disappointed.

Riham Antwan says:

What’s is the best diet after tummy tuck

Riham Antwan says:

You look really good

Jennifer Wilson says:

I have been following you for keto and recently found out about your tummy tuck…I just underwent my tummy tuck along with lipo 360 and a breast lift with augmentation on 19 June. I was appreciative of the recommended items and I concur I too wish I had gotten a walker. Thank you for sharing your journey.

Missy Presley says:

The recovery would be easier for someone who doesn’t have a lot of belly fat. Like she said, she got a contour. One of my relatives had a lot of hanging skin and went through hell. The recovery was awful, and she still has no belly button opening after a little over a year.

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