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6th Month Of Pregnancy (Pregnancy Week 22,23,24,25,26) – Be acquainted with what happens in the 6th month of pregnancy from the ultimate video guide for pregnancy month 6. Watch our video to gain knowledge about the 6th month of pregnancy.

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Shakti Shrestha says:

6 months pregnant

Prince Zion says:

Hi guys pls I need help here, don't judge me Pls, My girlfriend is pregnant for me, and we don't lives together base on work situation, I feel like the baby is not mine, but nevertheless I have accept the baby as mine, according to her, this is her six months, pregnancy period and she just called me that she has been given birth, actually she operated according to her but she hasn't seen the baby jetz, She's still at the hospital, pls Guys is it possible for six month baby to be a normal human being ?

Sourav Kumar says:

What is the reason of birth of baby before 9 months as 6,7 or 8th month

Saqib Shahzad says:

I m 6 month pregnant my Virginia place is allergic… Y is it happening.. What should I do

Vamshinath Nath says:

Iam 6 month preagant but my stomach is so small tell me someone I am so nervous please

Athila Nahas says:

is masturbation daily is good or bad during entire pregnancy


I am 6 month pregnant

Anahcolus Iradnahbjar says:

m 6month pregnant.i fell from stairs of 3 step ang hit on riggt side belly …m worried about baby.

CienGaviotas says:

im 6 months now and have managed to keep if secret because my bump is so small still


My 24 weeks start

oebrey kenth says:

6months now…lots of movements in my tummy.

Blessing Iboi says:

Am 6 months pregnant and my stomach is very small

Jeanette Hinde says:

I was born at 6 months 2 pounds

alina fatima says:

I am 6th month pregnant

Shaireen Khan says:

my 6 month has been started but my stomach is too small nervous

nikhil mishra says:

one of the best vedios

Yeadeh D.W says:

try to cover you breast people.This is what you call women right?

Jeremy Paz pico says:

Caillou mother

Hannah Barton says:

I was a 24 week gestation baby and now I am almost 20yrs old

Raj k says:

so much info Thnx for video

Monir Ahmed says:

nice video.

heena tharani says:

one of the best videos I have seen so far.

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