6 Times Gordon Ramsay Actually LIKED THE FOOD! | Kitchen Nightmares COMPILATION

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It’s a well known fact that Gordon Ramsay isn’t usually a fan of the cuisine on offer at the Kitchen Nightmares restaurants. However, over the many, many shows there have been a FEW examples of brilliantly cooked and seasoned food. We spent several years trawling through the episodes with a fine tooth-comb and eventually found them. Enjoy.

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notthere83 says:

4:04 Gordon does NOT like to be touched! LOL…

Mr. Bass says:

He is a human afterall….

Catulant says:

2:58 “wow that is delicious finally some good fucking food”

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1:58 that gag was about as real as my ex's orgasms…

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2019 anyone?????

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Finally, some good fucking FOOD

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My name’s N I N O!!!!

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