6 months pregnant with BOTCHED Tummy Tuck

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Bodies in sooo much pain but I’m still maintaining also check out my interview on here (YouTube) search Quanna’s story or Botched: is a tummy tuck worth the risk?


Yasin Waweru says:

One view one like one subscribe please lets show love .c'mon

Quanna Brown says:

I love you so much mom your videos of Awesome

#1 Negans Girl - the original says:

You should have sued that doctor. You probably will be suffering for the rest of your life and you're letting him get off Scott free to do someone else that way. Regardless if it was your choice to have that surgery, it didn't give that doctor any reason to seriously mess up your stomach the way he did. I wonder, with all the pain you're having from the surgery with your stomach, how will it be when you deliver your baby. I really feel for you but I wouldn't have let that doctor get away Scott free to do another female like that. He really needs to be taught a lesson by taking his ass to court to be sued. I certainly hope everything goes alright with the delivery of your baby. I wish you luck and blessings in whichever way it goes.

Shane A says:

Fix the gofundme page. Its an error.

emoney says:

God bless your situation and that surgeon needs his license taken, we all f up, but humility and acceptance is the first step,he should be reaching out to you,step by step following up with u,I pray all is well and u live a long and prosperous life for you and your kids regardless of what the outcome is

Mcshanda 2019 says:

God bless you. Your still here for a reason use it.

Deja Thomas says:

??????. U got a tummy tuck because u already had 2 kids and u didnt like the way ur body looked after the 2 kids. Yet, u go and get pregnant a third time. AFTER the tummy tuck.
Gurl bye. It is definitely deeper than ur body appearance on the outside. U need to deal with ur inside

Gin ivery says:

God please pray get well and have a healthy baby omg lord fix it ❤️

lorraine blessed says:

sorry if it sounds like a dum question but if your skin is so tight will this not prevent the baby from growing….as you really dont look pregnant.
im praying for you and your baby.
after watching and seeing your story im getting on my treadmill!!! I was thinking about surgery but wow this has really made me change my perspective .stay strong hun.xx

love yourself says:

Please help and support my sister

brown BROWN says:

Please support my sister and her gofundme campaign at https://www.gofundme.com/trying-to-fit-in-almost-killed-me

Lashai says:

Who was the surgeon?? Did you ever sue? I would want to know so that I can avoid this Doctor!!

Reesey Buchanan says:

Has anyone has heard from her?

Nafrini Ali says:

you should go out and speak to more women, telling them they dont need these type of surgeries, after u have ur child its important ppl kno about u.❤❤ take care.

Katie Ballantine says:

Wish you the best- and hope you are doing ok. Are you registered anywhere for baby gifts?

Mellorie Jackson says:

Hey! Quanna, Prayers.

fjacksonhousley says:

Keep your head up Quanna, GOD will see you through. You are almost there! Praying for you continuously!

Ladydeedoll says:

Who did your plastic surgery. Sorry for your complications, and we'll wishes

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