6 Months Pregnant my Baby boy kicking in my belly!

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y3lla92 says:

lol aww. im 23 weeks &u kan barely tell im pregnant

SharisVoice says:


Michelle King says:

So how many weeks are you? I am 20 weeks and having a baby boy too!! is
this your first baby?? It is a good feeling to feel them move inside you
amazing actually when are you due?? well take care and congrats!! X

pmcinco44 says:

So cute.. the baby is really moving.. and thats what i feel now.. my baby
is also kicking when im watching this video

fanny wat says:

Is beautiful when you feel the little kicks. Im 24 weeks :-). God Bless.

musicallytalented2 says:

does it hurt when the baby kicks?

Ruffa Salvacion says:

i cant see it moving ;/

Konstantina A says:

nope its like a poke but not as hard, its cute :)

Neufae says:

0:17 – 0:22; 0:38 – 0:41 (near the upper right hand glare of the television
on her belly) 0:53 – 0:58; Also, countless times through the rest of the
video. Perfect choice of music too. I laughed a bit at how amazing it fits.

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