6 months / 23 weeks pregnant after having tummy tuck 2 years ago

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jesshenry83 says:

Yes I had a tummy tuck in 2003 and I am currently 34 weeks pregnant, I am
not tech savy at all but I have been taking pics along the way which I plan
on having my daughter compile afterwards in order to post. You look great
but I have commented on your tummy before we are caring completely
different. I am very high and you don’t seem to be having that problem. On
a lighter note I have no new stretch marks from this pregnancy and my
muscles remain intact! Woohoo good luck!

alejoalma says:

is there anything specific (exercise) that you do to stay active and
healthy during your pregnancy? was this a planned pregnancy….or it just
happenned? do your stomach muscles hurt at all? Thanks

joysdabomb says:

@samnik04 I haven’t felt any stretching yet. I’ve gained about 15 lbs

Boxing Queen says:

Ouch! Looks like the tummy tuck hurted! If u ever were to get one I’d make
sure for sure I anit having kids! Cause then I’d feel like it was a waste
money:/ but congrats an good luck!

alejoalma says:

@joysdabomb TT in ’07…..we r planning to conceive next yr…..but im
trying to get my mind and body ready as much as i can and of course info as
well b4we’re good to go. How long does Mustela cream last and how often do
u use it? thanks really appreciate all the info and vids ur posting for

joysdabomb says:

@alejoalma Just the elliptical Machine for working out. I have no pain in
my stomach muscles at all Knock On Wood ; ) This was a planned pregnancy
after having the IUD for 5 years we thought it would take a bit longer to
get pregnant but nope it was right away and we are very excited. Are you
Pregnant? Have a tummy tuck?

4twmom says:

how does this pregnancy compare to your other pregnancies before your tt

joysdabomb says:

theres really not much of a difference except I’m not as big this time
around as I was with my son. Less stomach weight gain. People can’t tell
I’m even pregnant and are so Surprised when I say I’m six Months. When
Pregnant With My 8 yr old I was Huge at this point

joysdabomb says:

@jesshenry83 Nope No device in my hip. You might be seeing the scar from
the tummy tuck or it might just be the camera quality nonetheless. I’ve had
no other surgeries except a C Section with my Son in 2002 which is why I
got the tummy tuck in early 2008. Hope this helps. Have you had a tummy
tuck? Pregnant?

jesshenry83 says:

ok i am not sure if I am seeing this correctly do you have an implanted
device in your right hip? I am not sure if it is the quality of the video
or my eyes. Sorry to be curious….I am glad things are going well!

samnik04 says:

You look great!! Do you feel your ab muscles stretching? How many lb’s have
you gained?

Calimomrn says:

I am 36wks pregnant after having a tummy tuck 10yrs ago. I was 135 @ 5’5″
prior to pregnancy. I have gained 25# & no new stretch marks. As my baby
has gotten bigger(he was 5#8oz 2wks ago) I have been increasingly
uncomfortable. I get short of breath, bad heartburn & constipation, as well
as abdominal tightness( not pain). I didn’t expierence any of these
symptoms the 1st 2 times, however that was 17 & 13yrs ago. Hope your
pregnancy continues to go good, you look great. Thanks for posting.

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