6 Easy Home Workouts | Get Your Body Back After Baby

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6 Easy home workouts you can do to tone up after baby. Im almost 6 months postpartum here on my journey to gt back to my pre-pregnancy body.

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MoonLight Lady says:

Is this the only workout you doing daily ? Your body looks awesome!

Kirstie Clay says:

I'm pregnant with my 1st due in august and this just gives me life!!!

Julie Hernandez says:

Love it! Can't wait to start!

rosarioortiz93 says:

Great workout ideas! I like that you don't have to wait for the baby to be "asleep" before doing them. Thanks!

Baby Khan says:

aww so cute.god bless you…

Naru Chan says:

so sweet*-*

Amina says:

so sweet having the babywith you while exercising!

Harrrgh says:

Such a cute baby girl.

XSmexyKittyAngelX says:

I really need something like this to work out

Felini - Hotel de Gatos - says:

You are awesome! an inspiration :)

101Monieluv says:

I adore this so much. It's stress free and very enjoyable even when I am running on only a few hours of sleep. Thanks for making this.

300melody says:

this is cute

Im Puls says:

so beautyful

Kelli Takach says:

Great workout! Not to sound weird but where did you get your outfit? Love it!

ninja says:

this is effin awesome! im doing this after my babys born. great inspiration and looks so much fun!

watercup00 says:

oh my god. i did what you shown in the video and realized this wasn't easy and my body is not the same as before pregnacy at all.i was looking for simple and short excercise video and it really suits me with my baby. thank you very much for sharing this !!

Well Wellwell says:

so cute, she's doing the workouts with you :]

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