5th Month – Symptoms during fifth month of pregnancy – Dr. Shefali Tyagi

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In the fifth month of pregnancy, the most typical feature which can be appreciated is the quickening or the fetal movements.The baby’s movements can be perceived better by the mother by this time.It can be a feeling of butterfly’s fluttering or birds flapping their wings or popcorn popping.They will not be regular.Women will feel this just once in a while.Slowly they will become more pronounced and rhythmic.
Pain in back is a common feature at this time.This is because of carrying extra weight and center of gravity also changes.Back pain is considered very normal.Cramping in legs at night or restless leg syndrome is very common.The muscles in the legs are not able to sit still.Leg cramps can be very common typically at night.
Hair and nails look wonderful at this time.Pregnancy hormones favour the growth of hair and nails..


Uzair Hashir says:

Placenta fundol post ka kya mtlb

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madhuri patil says:

Good information

Sabita Pathak says:

meri abhi 5 month chal rahi hai, or na mujhe loss of smell ka prablem ho gyi hai, baby k upar koyi asar toh nshi padega na pls replu

Anna says:

Thank you. ❤

Abdou Thiam says:

Am in 5 mouths pregnant but my stomach is small

attiya gillani says:

my 5th month hqs been completed but i feel movement once or twice a day I was so worried aboit it thankx a lot dctr .. u released my tension . due to corona i can't visit to my gyne

gourav sharma says:

Am 18 week pregnant no movement of baby very worried…

Ujwala Ujwala says:

Lower abdominal pain during this time is common plz tell me

gggh Sridhar says:

Mam nw am also 5month pregnant can music any side effects fr my baby

tahir sarwar says:

mam 5five week pury hony ko 2 days baki hen pr koe movment nahi plz tell me

niciyya lallu says:

Iam fifth month and one week. I feel my baby movements.

My placenta is low lying with covering os. How can i treat this . Give me a.solution

Priyu chauhan says:

Mera 5th month h or Mera stomach bilkul nhi badhale or na koi movement baby ki

Qamar Shehzad says:

Men muje five month start hua ha mgr bebe ki movement feel nei hui abi tk plz tel me

Uday says:

Mam mujhe 5 month Chal rha h or mera pet Bahut kam Nikal Raha hai abhi to utna pta bhi Nhi chalta Koi dikkat to Nhi hai na.

Kazi Badrul says:

hi amar baby 5 mas holo, say ulta hoya acsay atay ki kono problem hobay ans please

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