5 Weeks Pregnant! | Symptoms, Cravings & Belly Shot!

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All of the wonderful joys of the past week all in one video! xo

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4 W E E K S: http://youtu.be/MK9sKY-AWFs?list=UUKJFe-DPrbvrwmVKu3tkyGA
5 W E E K S: http://youtu.be/7Wgg1yFPDGc?list=UUKJFe-DPrbvrwmVKu3tkyGA
6 W E E K S: http://youtu.be/rBegYC9ODgk
7 W E E K S: http://youtu.be/Ryv939RnhO8?list=UUKJFe-DPrbvrwmVKu3tkyGA
8 W E E K S: http://youtu.be/TaaJYVc_rHg?list=UUKJFe-DPrbvrwmVKu3tkyGA

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LittleMissCrista says:

I’m in the prenatal/birth part of my lifespan development class so this is
actually pretty interesting. If only my final assignment was to interview a
preggo lady instead of an old person, lolol. i’ve had heart palpitations
for the past few years too!! i’ve gone through so many tests but it never
happens when i’m wearing the heart monitor so they’re basically like, “stop
being so anemic and drinking and if you almost die we’ll be here to try and
help”. anywayyyyyy what am i talking about. BABIES. i think all the
cravings are hilarious. this baby wants all the meats. lol. i think it’s
weird but COOL that you don’t feel pregnant. i don’t know, i’ve just seen
women at the end of their pregnancy and i’m pretty sure they would really
love to not feel all that pregnant haha. i bet at 10 weeks it’ll be a
whoooole different ballgame for ya. cute belly shot 😀 i actually think
it’s amazing you’ve only gained that much so far considering your body is
preparing to carry another human and all. ahhh this is so exciting. 😀 <3 

Mandy JustdoitAlready says:

In the beg and the end of this last pregnancy I felt that I wasn’t preg at
all. It was weirder towards the end when I would literally forget about the
weight on my tummy and baby inside :/…Congrats Again

Phoenix251190 says:

I’m just about 5 weeks now and only had a few niggly things like a little
nausea and heartburn, from experience by 6 weeks i’ll be suffering fatigue
as well haha. Hope you have a smooth pregnancy :-)

Anna Hiort says:

So excited to find someone who is on the same track as me! I just turned 5
weeks today. I have also already gained a pound and a half – which is
crazy, but I’m glad I’m not the only one, haha. I’m thinking about vlogging
my pregnancy as well. Congratulations and I’m excited to follow your

Sarah Louise says:

Yeah 5 weeks!! That’s good that you’re still feeling well. I just tagged
you in the mommy scenario tag if you want to do it! Totally understand if
you don’t have time though. : )

Chaelynn Leffall says:

Do u know if sleeping on it belly is bad for the baby?

Simple and Happy says:

Omg I’m 5 weeks 1 day today too! No, I don’t really feel pregnant which
makes me terrified. My boobs feel like they were punched and at times I’m
queasy too. Congrats! And wishing you a healthy pregnancy!! 

robin ceu says:

When the due date?

Chaelynn Leffall says:

I’m 6 weeks in 2 days and besides cramping ,my breast hurting , fatigue and
headaches .. I’m not really having any symptoms neither , so I guess its
pretty normal .

mtheta says:

Every pregnancy is different I guess so hopefully this one will be easy
peasy for you ;)

samreay7 says:

I felt great my first two pregnancies and didn’t “feel” pregnant for most
of the first trimester. Now I’m 8 weeks pregnant with number three and it’s
a whole different story. :-) Congratulations! I just found your videos and
am excited to follow along since we are so close.

Alliemamabear says:

I pretty much didn’t feel pregnant with this baby until I hit the second
trimester. It worried me a lot too but all is well here! With Evelynn I was
miserable pregnant lol so very different

Life of Juels says:

rofl the second I decided to say “I don’t even feel pregnant” is the very
moment my m/s decided to start full force. BAhahah. Also I didn’t have any
m/s or really any symptoms at all with my first boy, the girl on the other
hAND, I was deathly ill

MummaShana says:

Crazy, my last pregnancy you were 2 weeks ahead of me..This pregnancy, I’m
2 ahead of you! Congrats girl, it’s been a while!

Mathieu Leader says:

Glad to see your doing ok

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