5 Second Rule with Sofia Vergara — Extended!

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Anis Othmen says:

She knows medicine

Iloo says:

Ellen was not happy. She looked at her as if she would explode…

İdil Sirius says:

almost forgot to watch this today

kimaya panash says:

i so wanna be friends with her…
like if you want to ???

Areesha Asif says:

I luv sofia

Shubhankar Singh says:

Leg day
Chest day
Sauce day

Chisom Maduewesi says:

Please the fact that Sophia knew the sciatic nerve and psoas muscle.. SHE WINS!!!

matineh tabatabaei says:

who else will watch this till the end of their life?!

Mei Kaplan says:

I must have watched this at least a trillion times

Jessica Ragland says:

Sofia is petty

Lus _ says:

Jennifer O'Neal is an actress who was born in 48

Alma Chirinos says:

5:02 lol

Alexx Johnn says:

April 2019?

Dannielle Oliveira says:

She's so funny

rachel r says:

Sofia reminds me of my Italian aunt

Gabrielle Griffin says:

Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Annaston and, Jennifer Lopez. First came to my mind.

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