5 n half months fetus moving.MTS

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dalal22111990 says:

I am 5 months and a half today and I also see my baby moves/kicks but not
like yours. Thats amazing love the video

myrriam david says:

im 23weeks pregnant…i already feel my baby….moving on my tummy…cant
wait to feel and see like that…everytime im playing DOTA2 his moving

br33zy2305 says:

Dang!! I’m 23 weeks and my son does NOT move like that lol least not yet!!
I can’t wait til he does though!!!

khiller Appes says:

Im 6months pregnant but his not moving like that.

Josh Axeman says:

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Chyenne Irwin says:


Melissa Florez says:

awww cute is that he hand or his foot? and im 5 months and my baby dosent
do that he just jumps up and down like hez on a tramaline lol

mikababi1213 says:

Aww. 22 weeks i wanna c dat lol

Nana Ntim says:


Dodge Heavy Duty says:

Oh lord! Do you feel any pain from that?

MaRaya Campbell says:

My cousin is six months pregnant and her belly dose not look like that

Alicia Walker says:

im 20 weeks i cant wait till this happens!!!

MrEaglesflyforever says:

u should do a belly movement video every week to show us how ur progressing
aw thats so adorable i remember when i was pregnant i always used to play
with my little one in my belly. He is now 4 years old how time has passed
by. Good luck with your delivery and godbless your family .

cynthia pawelzick says:

this is so much fun to watch..

Saka Martinez says:

Wow very active

Selena Torrealba says:

That is just amazing! -3

Chua Chong Tat says:

check how out cute he is on my other videos :)

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