5 Months Pregnant

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5 Months Pregnant — Now your baby weighs about one pound and it is about ten to twelve inches long. It’s about the size of a regulation football. You’re half way through pregnancy presently.

Your body will experience a brand new set of aches and pains this month. The body’s muscles and ligaments stretch to aid the weight of growing baby and therefore the pain. Your skin of your belly is stretching, tightening and itching. A great moisturizing cream hydrates the skin and can relieve the itching. However it fails to prevent or eliminate striae gravid arum (stretchmarks). Genetics has a big part to play whether or not you’ll develop stretch marks. However multiple gestations and excessive putting on weight increases your chances of acquiring stretchmarks.

Fifth momth oregnancy hormones have the effect of almost all uncomfortable things. Additionally, it contributes to the lower lower back pain that you are experiencing. Together with your growing belly your back is feeling the stress as well. Lower back pain happens in almost fifty percent of women that are pregnant. Women who are having twins are susceptible to lower back pain. Call your physician immediately if abdominal and/or back pains are severe or are combined with vaginal bleeding, vomiting, leg numbness or fever. Lower back pain during pregnancy is quite normal. However it can also be a sign of kidney infection, pre term labor or any other medical problems in severe cases.


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