5 Months Pregnant Outfit Ideas!

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Hey guys! Here are my outfits of the week Mon-Thurs as well as Sunday’s outfit which was my birthday! I am now 5 months pregnant in this video so hopefully these will give you some maternity style ideas :) xoxo Anna

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Jessica Grether says:

Thanks for sharing! Cute boots :)

Anna Saccone says:

My outfits of the week at 5 months pregnant! :)

MinaIvyShow says:

I liked them all! You have such great style, even when pregnant :) & it’s
like the only thing on you that’s getting big is your tummy :) SO LUCKY!!!

Sandra Agbakoba says:

Loved all the outfits. Great style Anna!

Dayani Farinas says:

your birthday is. November 1 mine. too

Jodie Louise says:

Birthday buddies anna xoxox

Joanna Butterfly says:

definitely the birthday one

jacjac1122 says:

You are the coolest pregnant women in the world! How can you keep your body
shape so well? I filmed some outfit idea video too, please check my channel
out! Love you! 

Noreen Griffin14 says:

I Loved Thursdays Outfit x

xLUcixable says:

Yourr soo pretty and to be pregnant with baby number two and still stylish
thats really nice most moms i see let themselves go but your still lookng
great lots of love to you and yur fam

Vintaget26 says:

I loved all of them! But ESP Thursday cause of the fluffy sweater! Love it!
Also, Sunday too, you looked so pretty and that tunic dress is beautiful!!
I also really love the Chinese laundry furry boots, very cute! Makeup was
beautiful and the red lips were a great touch! :) <3 

The Madsen Fam says:

The grey tunic dress is so cute on you…adorable little bump <3

EdenDespina says:

I just can`t decide!I love all otfits!Great style!I would dress like this
even if I`m not pregnant because they are so feminine and stylish!

Love waterfall cardigans too,Anna!

By the way you looked AMAZING in all your outfits!Very sexy mommy!


sanoshiya says:

2nd outfit and the birthday outfit! you’re gorgeous anna! <3

Daisy Person says:

you are so beautiful anna! and i’m loving the straight hair

NinaBlue12 says:

my fave was definitely your bday outfit!!

Willson Jacobs says:

5 Months Pregnant Outfit Ideas!

5 Months Pregnant Outfit Ideas!

Alyaa Aphrodyte says:

Love all of the outfit but my personal fav is the last one =) Love from

alina20072011 says:

last outfit :-) lovely

hayes1493 says:

You look wonderful, Anna!

misskay224 says:

I really like your 4th & 5th outfit!!!

louphelan says:

Loved Thursday outfit stunning on u…

Meagan Fonseca says:

I love the Halloween outfit! Those jeans are great!

taradgl says:

Looked lovely on Wednesday beautiful cardigan really suited the entire
outfit – casual and classy.

Aleyna I. says:

All of your outfits were awesome. Btw happy birthday!

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