5 months pregnant belly shot *OLD*

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Jessica Grether says:

Thank you for sharing!! I’m about 19 weeks & a pinch smaller than you :)
this was helpful-thx again! Best wishes to you & baby!

sweetbelly3000 says:

u r 1 hot PILF!!

dwtj1978 says:

How old r u

sweetbelly3000 says:

its a MILF only u replace the m with a p since you are a smoking hot prego

Shontasia Badon says:

@dwtj1978 I’m 18

Poonam Sanju says:

Were u able to suck in your stomach during this stage?

Shontasia Badon says:

@sweetbelly3000 Thanks even though I don’t even know what that means 😉

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