5 months pregnant, baby moving a little!!

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Monica Lynn says:

I’m 14 and I’m pregent and I’m new at this..

Alexa Santos says:

Monica Im 14 Too Im 5 Months Im Having A Little Boy <3 He Moves But Not
Really Lol <3 how Many months Are You ?:)

LadyRowan113 says:

this is my baby moving in my belly at like 4 months :)

desiree edwards says:

14 And pregnant what is wrong with u,have no idea what ur doing ur too
young if I was ur mother u would be groundedfor the rest of ur life

kayla112810 says:

Wtf? Don’t hate on her for being 14 she could’ve been raped she could’ve
fell for a boy you don’t know what goes thru her mind and what because
she’s I’m school it’s a law she can’t get pregnant? What if it was an
accident like she can still do something in her life with a baby it’s no

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