5 month pregnant baby moving

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manenzhe ap says:

I'm 5 months and my babies kicks alot even on my belly

Clarissa Harrison says:

I'm almost five month in two weeks and my baby hurts my lower belly and kick the hell my back

Samira Mbarouk says:

i am also 5 month but i dont feel any movement…but why?

Elsabe Sussie Nelson says:

hi am also 5months first time nd i feel my baby moving alot every dag cant wait to meet him/her

TheNumbaOneMiss says:

let me outta here! :-) so precious

Reetlou Reetlou says:

lm 4 months preg already feeling the movement en tts the same size of my belly ….

Young Cookiie says:

im 5 months and im not showing at all and its my first pregnancy so i don't know if its normal also I don't feel much movement..

Danielle Smith says:

I'm five months y I can't see my baby move

Theresa Griffiths says:

am six months my baby don't move as much

بنت البيشي says:

Iam 5 months pregnant but i cant see it moving like that ist too soon our what

Maawmi Lalawmpuii says:

im 5 month pregnant and my baby is 1/2kg is it small or normal..

Ruby Begum says:

im five month pregnant but my belly isnt big enough n i feel the baby moving.cant wait to c my first baby

solafa shamira says:

I am 5 months pregnant and just noticed what happens when my little peanut moves. every baby developes differently though

kristina nang says:

im assuming this is closer to 6-7, im 5 mths along and my tummy doesnt look like that yet


looks like the baby is high for 5mos.

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