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5 Months Pregnant: Symptoms, Baby Development. what happens in the 5th month of pregnancy? Find baby position in 5th month of pregnancy. 5 month pregnancy baby weight, 5 months pregnant baby position.
You may begin to feel your baby move, since he or she is developing muscles and exercising them. This first movement is called quickening.
Hair begins to grow on baby’s head. Your baby’s shoulders, back, and temples are covered by a soft fine hair called lanugo.
This hair protects your baby and is usually shed at the end of the baby’s first week of life.
The baby’s skin is covered with a whitish coating called vernix caseosa.
This “cheesy” substance is thought to protect baby’s skin from the long exposure to the amniotic fluid. This coating is shed just before birth.
By the end of the fifth month, your baby is about 10 inches long and weighs from 1/2 to 1 pound.
During the fifth month of pregnancy, the internal organs develop faster.
As regards the blood system, the heart chambers are completely delimited and the heart beats strongly.
Other relevant changes occur at this stage, such as the development of basic senses, including the sense of taste, along with the taste buds.
Also, the baby is now able to notice the first sounds and lights.
Sometimes you will think that the baby is asleep because he is not moving and then, when you lay down, you will feel your baby move.
That is because, when you are lying down, the baby can move more easily and when you get up, he gets stuck in the pelvis.
Your baby will develop the second layer of teeth during approximately the last weeks of the 5th month.
Baby teeth have now developed within the dental alveoli.
Millions of neurons are created in the brain, which is almost as developed as it will be by the time of birth.
Your navel is likely to go flat or, conversely, pop out. In this case, it will come back to normal when you give birth.
As for your womb, it will move upwards, to the height of your navel.
This process will transform your silhouette completely, as it is time for your waist to thicken.


tinashe Martinez says:

Hi I'm 21 weeks today. For 2days now I can only feel little movements and knocks unlike before I can feel the baby move from side to side… Is there anything wrong?

Ogie22 Osayamen says:

Am four months pregnant and am seeing my period and sometimes I feel something moving inside me..is it possible to see period during pregnancy

linda sagantiyoc says:

18 weeks my baby moving already lol

Kelebogi Setlelo says:

I'm 5months pregnant and my baby is starting to move now

Mahesh Mathapati says:

thanks akka intha tips heliddakke

Faith Mugayi says:

I'm 5 months pregnant my baby kicks n moves a lot especially when l sleep with my left side

Happy Koko says:

Am 22 weeks pregnate my weight is 66 pls is it normal

Mariavel Mariavel says:

I am 5months pregnant and this video is so accurate. Plus my husband enjoys listening sounds from my belly, he press his ears to it and laugh everytime he hears something he said sounds like a snap, a blop, a burp or burtsting bubbles.he also try to speak to it and so excited when the little creature inside gives a little kick.

Tahira Umer says:

My 5th month is strt but i cant feel any baby movment is there any problm???

Isha Samura says:

I like the way you talk thank you very much

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