41 weeks pregnant, belly shot and induction tomorrow!

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The hospital called me after I made this video to let me know I’m on the list to be induced tomorrow night….any time between 8pm and 11pm , so I’m HOPING something happens before that… I was wanting to go in the morning…BUT my next video will include my beautiful baby girl!! So stay tuned!!! 😀


Molly Nugent Fox says:

Omg! Good luck!!!! :) you will do great! :)

Dj Screw 303 says:

you are very sexy. wish i could have seen that belly in person,..congrats

vinnieliz says:

Good luck tomorrow 

scarletthope77 says:

Good luck! I was induced for my last two little ones. I’m so excited for

ilovenbcnews says:

your smoking hot! :)

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