40 weeks Pregnant after tummy tuck progress vlog

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40+1 pregnant after full tummy tuck done back in 2006. Follow my journey. Ive also had 2 previous c sections so will be trying for a vbac with this baby when she decides to make an appearance.


carinacrolla says:

My waters broke the day after this video and my daughter Marlee Anne was
born 2 days later by c section weighing 6lb 9oz :-)

Amy Lynn says:

You look fabulous! I’m hoping you gave your bundle of joy very SOON!! My
belly button had became very sensitive as well.

Cassandra M says:

Any baby yet?? I hope you dont hold out much longer, the uncomfortableness
must be unbearable by now!

Amy Lynn says:

Just waiting on your postpartum video :)

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