4 Weeks Pregnant | Symptoms Already | “Baby Peanut” | Belly Shot

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Hello, friends. Today i foind out i am 4 weeks along(thought it was more) but never the less i am happy. Happy is super tiny and is growing rapidly. Love him lolol or her already. Enjoy thanks for watching.


Jennifers Dream3 says:

Wow your body looks awesome, go girl!

Nene randle says:

Hey hun I just wanna say you are such an inspiration to a lot of young
women including myself. Please don’t let anyone tell u diff

LifeWithReeRee says:

Hey naz was just wondering when shopping for Maxie or keikei did you get a
lot of new born clothing or did you start them at 0-3… Cause I’ve been
getting mostly newborn clothing & some 0-3 but when I show my mom or
grandmother they cuss me and tell me they too small for the baby & I’m
gonna squeeze up the baby lol jamaican parents. I do understand that all
babies are different but idk I’m just confused now I feel like I need to
return most of the newborn stuff I got now.. 

Ebonie m says:

Girl I pray my belly is still fat at 4 weeks like yours

nikki121988 says:

May God bless u and your family and don’t allow anyone to ruin this moment
for you.. There are so many women who would do anything for the chance to
feel tiny feet kicking in their tummy so just know that u are blessed to be
able to create life…so congrats to you n da new man in your 

225babygirl88 says:

you are glowing you look so happy Congratulations again

mekapoetry says:

I really like you for some reason lol! You just have the prettiest smile
love :) 

Siria Perez says:

Is Max just Max or like no middle name? (: and how about keikei? Just
curious lol can’t wait till you find out the gender!! 

Mitzi Anderson says:


juancho gonza says:

congrats on this new baby, you look beautiful

Kim Tish says:

Congratulations!!!,☺ your glowing pregnancy is for you. 

chloye sharp says:

Wow love your stomach. You bounced back quick. Congrats again.

LifeAndBeauty Vlogs says:

So you might have another july baby (: 

ahmy browne says:

Congrats, your body looks fabulous whats your secret lol_

Britt Grey says:

Your absolutely gorgeous

Rocky Girolami says:

you belly look great.and like your outie belly button.

lussie russel says:

Love you’r videos. You look so wonderful. Glowing too. I love it. Keep up
the great videos. Tell hubby congrats

kay kayy says:

Congrats. How old are you?

erin mile says:


Shural Baskerville says:


diam0ndsparkle20 says:

Couldnt wait to get off of work to watch your video love baby #3 nickname
lol to cute 

Virgo090183 says:

How many subscribers do you have? My skin says 0 weird! Lol

Virgo090183 says:


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