4 Weeks Pregnant And Belly Shot!

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ReadySetBaby says:

Do you have any kind of feeling as to if it’ll be a boy or girl? Do you
plan on doing an intelligender test? I know they’re on the expensive side
but they’re fun. You could even do the red cabbage test. Well, I guess I
should have asked first if you’re going to find out the baby’s gender. xD

Misskay221 says:

congrats on your pregnancy. I am 6 weeks pregnant with my first and I
subbed to you. Looking forward to seeing your vlogs. I do pregnancy vlogs
as well if you would like to subscribe. Stick baby dust to you!

Zane'sMommy XO says:

im hoping everything is okay? was looking to see if you put a video up
today :(

heath2Babigbrother says:

woot!!! First pregnancy vlog! How super exciting!!!! <3 <3

julie m says:

Congratulations im due on 8/20 with my 2nd.

Angela In Mamaland says:

Ahhhh! 😀 I’m SO excited!! Danielle! So, next year when I come to Germany I
guess we won’t be going to a brewery! Lol. SOOOOO excited <3!

100shaunna says:

Pee doesn’t come from the same place where the sperm would go, so how did
that cup help?! hehe, all the best in your pregnancy, im so excited for
you!! what a great christmas present! god bless

Hayley Bryant says:

Danielle I just want to say a BIG congratulations to you and your husband
on your pregnancy! I knew it would be your month, I just had a feeling! I
bet you think you are in a dream! I can’t wait to see you progress and
enjoy your wonderul experience! Hope you and your family have a lovely
Christmas! You are such a lovely girl :) Hayley xx

Leila's says:

Haha, I say the same things about “Americans” too! Americans who have lived
abroad are definitely a difference breed.

TinaDeanette says:

@100shaunna She held the sperm in with the cup so it wouldn’t come out when
she peed.

DanielleBabyBliss says:

@ReadySetBaby Not sure about finding out sex yet, and I havent got much of
a feeling yet either. hubby thinks boy and my mom and sis say girl. as for
intellegender id love to take one! and the cabbage test id love to do soon
cause right now im with my sis and it would be fun to do together. 😀

KittyLovesHerSailor says:

I’m so excited to start watching your vlogs now!

DanielleBabyBliss says:

@waitingtobeblessed ya yesterday when i was on the bart train i nearly
passed out. :)

DanielleBabyBliss says:

@100shaunna of course but when u pee u was push, and when i sat on the
toilette i felt all the sperm come out as i started pushing to pee.

Rachel Howe says:

I’m not ttc but need a bit advice? I had my normal period which lasted 4
days (normal) then 9 days later I got a browny discharge ( really light)
which lasted 2-3 days. Anybody no if this is spotting or just old blood
coming away? I’ve been feeling bloated and nauseous, really tired
(exhausted) higher sex drive and getting pains ( like hunger pains) on and
off all day. Has any one got any advice? Thank you x

pearlsndcrowns says:

i cant believe ur not ttc nemore !! =D

WithGodsGrace says:

YAY for pregnancy vlogs!!! Congrats again!!

Sarah Ann says:

Wow… Don’t put all “Americans” into some sort of stereotype…. I work
overnights with disabled children, teens, and adults… So it really is
nothing to me to run to the gas station in my pj pants during the day. I
don’t really feel like I should be looked down upon for that. I make a
great living with a very rewarding occupation.. anyway I am very happy that
you got your Christmas BFP! Congratulations.

Rachel Howe says:

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone could give me some advice? I’m not ttc but I
had my period like normal on the 16th-19th November. Which was normal, but
9days after on the 28th until the 30th November I began to have browny/
pinky discharge. Which I never bleed I between periods. I have been feeling
nauseous, sickly ( hunger like pains)on and off throughout the day, light
cramps, diarrhoea, heartburn, not able to sleep at night but sleeping
throughout the day, loss of appetite, higher sex drive & re

DanielleBabyBliss says:

@sunnysmom31710 ill check out those bras! my mom and sis know, i coulnt
wait to tell them to excited! 😀

Soph ie says:

Is it me or do you feel bad any time you complain about feeling
uncomfortable because you have wanted it for so long? xxx

collegevlogger12 says:

congrats I have been following your vlogs for a while. My b-day is also in
August. Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

CoffeeeCat says:

It’s been so fun watching your journey (despite it being hard on you
sometimes). I am so happy for you!!! My daughter is an August baby (due in
Sept) and I LOVED being pregnant for that due date timeframe. Beautiful
lines on your tests!!!

sunnysmom31710 says:

Hahaha, me and my husband make fun of Americans too! We say we should’ve
been born in Europe. I hate that people walk around in their pj’s too. I
once saw someone out in their robe, I couldn’t believe it! Those low pains
were probably ligament pains. Definitely buy some bigger bras! :) My
nursing bras are by Merona at Target and they also don’t have underwires,
so they’re really comfy. Does your family know or are you waiting? I hope
you guys have a great Christmas!

DanielleBabyBliss says:

no its way to small. I felt my daughter move first at 13 weeks :)

DanielleBabyBliss says:

@LVG4GOD hope im like u iv been watching my sis puke like 7 times a day!

MistressKittyLynn says:

Heya! I’m due the 19th :)

cutebutoriginal2 says:

:) I’ve never thought about making my first pregnancy vlog. I’ve always
just thought about seeing the positive come up for the first time. And
wondering how we would tell our families. Now I have something else to
think about! This must be SO exciting for you, and to get it just days
before Christmas… Right on time! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with
your family. Looking forward to Monday!

vanessa g says:

so happy for you congrats crazy how u said it would be awesome if u came
out pregnant wen u were out of town n it happen

Louise Hickinbottom says:

hi rach sounds like implantation bleed. see how you go in a week or 2 take
a test to see

waittingformybaby says:

I know someone who got the cramps when in the car or when driving during
early pregnancy.

DanielleBabyBliss says:

@thesophiesue lol no i feel like complaining alot i think its the hormones
i love all the symptoms but dont like them at the same time if that makes

ChelsyeBrooks says:

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rainbow light. They are both amazing. :)

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