4 Months Pregnant

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4 Months Pregnant — This month is reportedly the very best and a lot more comfortable of a period in one’s pregnancy, so enjoy! You could possibly begin to feel the baby kick this month, though women report the sense of lot more fluttering with this particular stage of your pregnancy.

You might begin experiencing newer and stronger side effects, for example constipation caused by hormonal changes. If that’s the case, this uncomfortable condition could be minimized by increased daily water consumption, exercising moderately, and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables-things you ought to be doing for your baby anyway! Should you haven’t started showing prior to this, you likely want to this month. As the belly grows, it might be more comfortable to sleep on your side than on your back, which is the actually the most effective resting position since it increases circulation and blood circulation to the baby.

While you begin the second trimester (four months pregnant), you might begin making preparations for baby for example buying clothes and furniture and preparing a nursery. They are necessary and healthy methods to prepare yourself and your home for the new arrival. Just make sure that you don’t overexert yourself. Take frequent breaks, and let another person do any heavy-lifting that might be involved. While you take care of your own body and brace yourself emotionally for that exciting and momentous events in the future, you will not only be helping yourself, you’ll be protecting your baby too!

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Juan Tea Garza says:

okay im so lost my friend told me shes 6 months pregnant but its only been
4 and she had a abortion in July and i was there when she did it and now
its October how is that even possible?

Bonna bee Bedia says:

Im so happy being pregnant :))

Sonia El says:

Amazing! I remember looking through this video at 4 months pregnant, I now
have a 3 month old baby boy…unbelievable.

Kymani Jones says:

I’m in my 4months

henry munuve says:

My wife and i are in our 4month cant wait 4 this new arrival..

Don Enel Coll says:

my wife is 16 weeks and 5 days pregnant

Deepak Gupta says:

my wife 13 week pregnent

liddojennjenn says:

Feeling human? The fuck. I can’t even walk without feeling high.

Sibongile Nkambule says:

I am 17 weeks pregnant but am still see my period 

Tishay Youngsoles says:

i get cramps sometime

raodasg says:

I had bleeding gums. Thats irritating…but changing a new toothpaste does

Keturah Groat says:

If you are a medicare provider. Why make yourself look like a doctor. And
also. I’m different than most moms. I’m almost 4 months and my baby is
already at 4.5 inches

Moe Syszlak says:

im 16 week preggy 😀

EndyiaDenisee says:

Im 15 weeks & 5 days :)))

litechix21 says:

im 14 weeks and i have such congestion in my nose, its crazy and so

C Alva says:

Am sooooo pregnant omg

lyzette diwa says:

yey were on the right track anak….14 weeks getting more happier than
ever…loveu my baby…mwah!!!!

Anna-Kaye Daley says:

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Zamolxet says:

Not a lot of comments

Re bbecca says:

I’m 17 weeks. :)

oluwafunmigbolade says:

I lovr ur video

sweetjaybee29 says:

Useful information, thanks

LirZz qad says:

im a guy..

jowena parane says:

oh my i have this in my tummy..hehehe..exited much..iloveyoubaBy

Marietou Bamba says:



oh lovely babay

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