4 months pregnant :) belly show and measure :)

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Im 4 months pregnant so im 16 weeks :)
Me and my fiance are so exited and love flec so much already and have ever since we found out.:)


Chloe Elyse says:

I personally wouldn’t worry about the chocolate moose thing. I say go for
it haha Obviously there are some things you should definitely avoid during
pregnancy, but I personally think a lot of the stuff they tell you not to
have can be silly, you know? Like, I’m pretty certain a chocolate moose is
not going to hurt your baby, yet some people will swear to you it will LOL
I think a lot of people are just extremely paranoid. Where abouts are you
from? I’m in Surrey! =]

alexandra says:

You’re not big at all. I just measurement my belly because I’m 4 months
pregnant too and I measure 38 inch :(

lowenswife says:

I think you look great momma and you have a glow about you! I look foward
to more vids from you and watching your belly grow! God bless!

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