4 months 17 1/2 weeks pregnant after having tummy tuck 2 years ago

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This is me! I am 17 1/2 weeks pregnant which is over 4 months. We just did the elective gender ultrasound it was just $95 and they can do it as early as 15 weeks along. I can give you their number upon request. They made me a DVD I also have in my videos and showed my Bundles little wee wee. It’s A BOY YAY!!!!! Were going to Mexico this Monday to Puerto Vallarta. I had to make sure my Swimsuit would still fit LOL


joysdabomb says:

@jesshenry83 Oh Thanks. I have gained some weight and it does mess with my
emotions. As you know having a flat tummy tucked stomach is so awesome. So
extra weight is a little dissappointing but I believe with my strong will
power I can lose the weight after baby is born. I haven’t had any tightness
yet. I feel this little bean moving around alot though. Do you have a
video? I would love to see how 25 weeks along looks.

akcoolgirl23 says:

hi who was your tummy tuck Dr….u sure look sexy

jesshenry83 says:

Hey I am 25 weeks along after having a tummy tuck you look great how is
your tightness coming? I have had weeks that were very uncomfortable but
appearance wise everything looks good. Hopefully we will both have happy
healthy baby’s and not have a blow out lol!

godlover16 says:

wow! you dont even look pregnant!

jasmine meyia says:

Ohh you remind me at my mom when she was pregnant hey I was going to ask
you is there any way to reduce my scar my boyfriend says that it looks
nasty ,he also said that most men think that way they just don’t say it,so
I want to do something to at least improve it

matt jones says:

Get pregnant

TheBritishWop says:

Those tits are mine!!!

mrsemmaaskew says:

thanks for this clip you look amazing!! im 26 years old after losing 140lb
i decided to have a tummy tuck. I am one year post op love my new belly
however me and my husband are hoping to have a family next year although im
so worried about my tummy tuck, dont want to A) put back on the 140lb that
ive lost and B) get my old pre op saggy belly back!!!! You look amazing,
your tummy remains toned and without stretch marks?? please keep me posted
good luck x

joysdabomb says:

Dr. Bohley in portland oregon

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