4 Month Pregnancy Update 18 Weeks: Baby Bump & Kicks!

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This is my 4.5 month or 18 week pregnancy update!! This is my first pregnancy but not my first baby (I have 3 dogs remember?) haha.

3 Month/12 Week Pregnancy Update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzssZolPcZo

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Joumana Ahmed says:

You can do more explosion and hard 

mariah parker says:

also don't count on the chinese gender chart or the so called symptoms of what gender it will be, saving you now, wait till you have an ultra sound it causes less stress

mariah parker says:

yeah don't worry i have too, many had begged a differ on me, like they shouldn't be saying this and that about how it kicks and when it kicks, i am having a boy. show this you pregnant woman to prove it is possible for the baby to move around 16 weeks as well because every baby is different, and each pregnancy is very different.

hendrixluvr says:

That's so adorable, I'm so happy for you. You're glowing and it shows. You seem extremely happy! I have such a soft spot for babies and pregnant women. I hope your pregnancy continues to go smoothly! Congratulations <3!

India Wilder says:

You make pregnancy look so beautiful & good. Most women i know hated it. 

foreverbeauty87 says:

I am smiling this whole video! So happy for you!!!!

Maleah Raven says:

Cutest baby bump ever! I definitely think you're having a girl. You're gorgeous, your babys' going to be beautiful, girl!

makeupfreak1989 says:

You are 5 months already Month One – Weeks 1-4 Month Two – Weeks 5-8 Month Three – Weeks 9-13 Month Four – Weeks 14-17 (start of second trimester) Month Five – Weeks 18-21 Month Six – Weeks 22-26 Month Seven – Weeks 27-30 (start of third trimester) Month Eight – Weeks 31-35 Month Nine – Weeeks 36-40 Hope tihs helps you – I had to find one online and print it for my own benefit! You are as far along as I am and its the start of 5th month!! Congrats!

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