4 month post partum belly

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i am now 98 pounds. i lost all my baby weight in about a month after having jayda. i wear size x small shirts, and size 0- 00 pants. My entire pregnancy i gained about 21 pounds. weighing in at 118.


Presious Pupsalot says:

You don't show much my cousin is 19 and is 4 and a half months pregnant

Countygirl1970 says:

Ummmm … this girl had her baby as a teen … not a "normal" 28 or 35 year old. Things usually bounce back when you have a baby that young so nothing to rave about . No, I am not fat either :)

KarinaLovesHim13 says:

Wow I wish I had your body type!! My daughter will be 4 months old in April 8 and my belly still looks as if i still were 4 months pregnant!! I hate my body now especially because of all the stretch marks I got ALL OVER my body! :(

Hannah tucker says:

Wow you are so skinny

Elanjdria Ali says:

Wow…u make my post partum belly look like two tires on my belly lol (not really)

ashlie logan says:

how did you stay in such good shape? was it hard to go back to normal?

Jordan Parker says:

Girl you are soooo tiny!! And thats after having a baby! Woww (:

Jeanette Aparre says:

did u use something? i' mean cream or oil for not having stretchmarks???

Chook G says:

you've got a better body than me, & you've had a baby & don't work out…well that just isn't fair!

Christine Kaus says:

You had a kid and you look better than me

AudieAbodement says:

You have an amazing body for someone who was pregnant. xD I envy.

iloveadel says:

You look GREAT :)
I had my baby in 2009 and gained alot of weight from junk food. Ugh

Blueberrymint says:

@breslife well it's not that strange. Younger mothers tend to go back much easyer and faster to their pre-pregnant body. It also depends from person to person, genetics can explain a small part. And the kind of life habits the person has in general can influence a lot. Some are already quite active during everyday life without realizing it themselfs.

Paula Pili says:

98 lbs? Thats a little underweight… No offence

shelbinelson91 says:

i wish i didnt get any stretchmarks. i am still pregnant and have them everywhere. been using lots of lotions, creams and oils lol everyday. (all of them everyday too) and they just keep appearing.. its just genetics i guess though. you look great btw. (:

may12flower says:

just wondering did u breast feed jayda?

cecilestephens245 says:

OMG NO FAIR. I haven't even had a kid, and your stomach looks about 721381280321802 times better than mine.

Emily Wowk says:

@RottenFilth666 why because my stomach is flat? lol riiight

LoganJupiter says:

She's gonna grow up to be a beautiful woman just like her mommy

mylomya26 says:

You look fantastic and people need to bugger off cos you can look this way and not work out. It's all about how you looked before your pregnancy and your genetics. Like some people said, they don't look this good and never had a baby. Anyways just thought I'd put it out there since people are saying you're lying about working out.

Amanda Life says:

consider yourself sooo lucky! i hope my body goes back to normal after i have my baby lol

Imo B says:

sooooooooooooooooo not fair ur all skinny and pritty and uve had a baby and im all fat and I havent :( not that I want a baby yet im only 13 but I ment about the skinnyness

(sorry for spelling mistakes im dislexic)

Emily Wowk says:

@lilygreen12 im 5'3

Annie W says:

you look amazing :) just wondering how tall are you?? x

Emily Wowk says:

@breslife i didnt!! i dont have time to work out. i think for about 2 days i was starting a work out routine but it only lasted 2 days.

Chauna Eaton says:

I remember you saying that you were not sure if you could give birth naturally because of your narrow hips. If you don't mind me asking what is your hip measurement at the widest point? Thanks : ) BTW you look great!

MakinAFamily says:

Your looking amazing girl :)
Well done…x

bre watson says:

WOW i dont even understand how your stomach is that flat and actually toned and you didn't work out or do any ab exercises. I love your vlogs and you seem like a cool chick but im gonna have to call bullshit on the no exercise thing :)

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