3D ultrasound, baby kicks mother from inside the womb

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Micah is finally big and chubby enough to see in 3D, so we went to see what he is going to look like….here is the video we got of our ultrasound!


Bahle Kate Nkosi says:

Cool stuff

Lhen Baquiran says:

such a lovely baby… may i know what is the title of the second song? :)
it’s lovely…

Justine Bondame Panizares says:

I love this clip =D

wendyfox7767 says:

what a beautiful thing you have shared. you have touched my heart more than
you know. may the Lord God bless you and your family always. trust in Jesus
and miracles will come 3

Joy B says:

Thanks for sharing this experience. I cried. Can you please tell me how far
along you were? I’m trying to decide the best time to have my 3D ultrasound

Jessica Godinez says:

I cant wait for my 3d sonogram! im 25 weeks today, gonna schedule one for
three weeks from now!! so excited to see my baby girl!!

PouncyGirl says:

@hannahmontana0161 The very first song when they’re in the parking lot is
Somewhere Over the Rainbow as performed by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole

brittybby2010 says:

Beautiful couple, beautiful video!

L.J. Simpson says:

I totally agree with the previous comment …

Stephanie Aranda says:

Whats The Name Of This Song ?

sahadat hossain says:

so sweet baby ha ha ha

askmewholovesu says:

i dont even know you guys but landed on this video because I wanted to see
just how AMAZING God is when He creates new life out of love! Amazing song
choice by hillsong! Jesus bless your family!

Guy Eshel says:

My wife feels the same And she didn’t even wanted another one and now she
allready miss it :) Congratz

yornelas08 says:

beautiful video!!!!!!!! =) congratulations!!

Tala Whitewolf says:

I miss being pregnant already :*( I cried. I just had my second baby in
December. she’s now almost 3 months old and i miss feeling the kicks :(

80spopQueen says:

Wonderful! I hope we can eventually get better with this ultrasound
technology moms need to know there’s not a lump of coal in their stomaches
but actual life.

Ashilyn Cain says:

Over the rainbow?

Tiffany Aldama says:

So beautiful I cried!!

KanameCin says:

Aw! This is so cute! He/She is going to be a very pretty baby! I’m so happy
for you guys! Great song choice, Makes me wanna cry! I want to have a baby
boy named Micah! ^w^ It’s a pretty name! Uber cute family! :3

Snoop Wyatt says:

This made me cry

Ana Vanegas says:

Beautiful:) what’s the name of the song

laura hinojosa says:


Dhana Win says:

nice and good gogs creation

aminaormuminah says:

My baby girl began kicking me the minute I started watching this video. I
think she may be a little jealous!

Theraza Geraci says:

i wonder what it will be like if i get pregnant.

Paulina Kovalenko says:

How can atheists believe that an explosion caused such a beautiful thing
like this? This is God’s creation.

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