3D Baby Shower Pregnant Belly Cake – How To With The Icing Artist

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In this video I will teach you how to make a beautiful baby bump/pregnant belly baby shower cake! Thank you for watching!
Flower Cutters:

The bowl sizes are 12″ diameter bowl for the belly and a 5″ diameter bowl for the boobs. The cake Should feed around 35 people.

You can buy over proof bowls from
bed bath and beyond at

or on Amazon at

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Rachel Buenavista says:

what is the sizes of those bowls?

Caitlin Clarke says:

Your baby shower cake is so gorgeous, you make it look so easy too ☺️

Rachel alvarez says:

wish mold you used

Jessica Freeman says:

I love the cake…what size are your o en safe bowls??

Jennrrrs says:

I love how you said "boobies" and giggled. XD

Rosa elena sosa chamba says:

cuidado que se te quiere quemar el keke jajajajaj

Velma Galvan says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Tenia Williams says:

New sub!!!!!!!Amazing and beautiful pregnant baby bump cake.Is the flowers edible???

Silvia Cerezo says:

Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

Claire North says:

one of the nicer baby bump cakes I have seen

kara bourne says:

very pretty cake. I have to do one in a few weeks and hope it turns out as nice as this one.

Emily Rodrigues says:

Oi Parabéns pelo lindo trabalho ,vc poderia passar a receita do Glacê de manteiga que vc passa por fora do bolo desde já Obrigada!!!bjs..

Tricia Olive says:

How did you prepare the cake with buttercream for the fondant? Did you refrigerate?

Stephanie Adjei-Twum says:

How long do you bake the cake in the oven when it's in the large bowl? Last time I baked it for too long and it came out dry.

Tharanka Rajasingam says:

I'm trying to make a cake Like this and I really really want to know the size of the three bowls please it looks awesome

Luis Salvatierra says:

Hi, excellent your video  and love your belly cake & fondant too!! could you tell me what is the recipe of the cake please or  what kind of cake is?

Cooking with Danny says:

A super great cake!! I really like it!!! =) 
Check mine, I did a baby trolley! http://youtu.be/BEZZ3JqWMj0

Stacy Lopez says:

can you make a video making a baby onesie please.

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