39 weeks pregnant after tummy tuck progress vlog

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Almost there. Sharing my experience of my last pregnancy after tummy tuck done several years ago. Also im trying for a vba2c with this baby. Vbac video to follow Follow me on instagram rasta_princess


Cassandra M says:

Almost there!!! Can’t wait to see your next video, hopefully with the baby

Kellawanda says:

I wouldn’t worry too much, I’ve heard they can be off a pound in either
direction with their estimates. Back when I was born (31 years ago) 6
pounds was a normal birth weight….most everyone I know says they were
around 6 pounds. Having 8 or 9 pound babies is more of a current day thing
I think. Prayers with you for a successful VBAC and looking forward to
seeing the after effects.

Amy Lynn says:

Looking Great! I’m crossing my fingers you have her soon :) Cant wait for
the next video.

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