39 weeks pregnant after tummy tuck / lower body lift

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kkimberly2004 says:

awwww…I didnt know you were pregnant! I havent seen you in sooo long. I
will definitely pray for you, the baby and your family overall. God bless

grodot333 says:

Wishing you all the best. Please don’t be discouraged this is all normal
for pregnancy! You will be overwhelmed with the love you feel for your son.
I am sending you love & prayers for a smooth birth & happy & healthy Mommy
& baby! XOXO


You be fine girl by the way in April 20 Second year anniversary

Bonnie RNY says:

Congratulations.. and you for sure are holding a lot of water and will
loose bunches real quickly after you deliver. Will pray for you and best
wishes. :)

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