38 Week Pregnancy Vlog | ANXIOUS!!

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Littlestar085 says:

I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow:) I've followed all of your pregnancy vids since the beginning & I know exactly what you mean by anxious! Everyone says, oh I bet you're over it & just want him out & blah blah. But honestly, I've enjoyed my whole pregnancy even with it's many uncomfortable feelings…. We just wanna meet him already:) But I know he'll come when he's ready. Thank you for all your helpful vids & can't wait for your all your other mommy vids:) 

JTandSerenity says:

ahh this is so exciting!! :) I'm almost 6 weeks pregnant myself!

Enrique Garcia says:

Im currently expecting my 4th baby. 1st girl. Every labor was different. One thing nobody can quite prepare you for during your first is the level of pain. I make no plan. I try to center myself n meditate during every contraction. Breathing slow and if possible have a quiet room. Goodluck and be well.

sanna söderlund says:

I am 17 weeks right now!:)

Minot Christine says:

Hi Tiffany, I hope you're on your way having your beautiful little girl this weekend!!!! Good luck and all your followers will be thinking about you <3!

Ashleigh Wusyk says:

37 weeks is actually considered full time. I've done maternity and pediatric nursing and that what is considered full term :) 

A31B says:

Hopefully you have thought of something I didn't do until my 3 rd baby but you want to look somewhat Good for those pics right after she is born ! So you can share them with family etc without cringing!!
I actually did my hair and makeup during the beginning contractions and I loved those pictures ! With my other baby's I looked like I had been hit by a bus and even though they were amazing moments they are hard to share when you look like that ! Just passing on my experience!!
Good luck Tiffany you will be an amazing mommy ! 

Meghan Rienks says:

I've been following your whole pregnancy and I'm SO excited for you! Her room is ADORABLE & with you and Brad as parents she's going to grow up as one lucky little girl :) 

krisc89 says:

no video yet this week??????? Come on you're killing us!!!!!! Best wishes <3

Vicki Patton says:

Have your baby on my birthday. .Jan 19th. :-)

Michelle M says:

Thanks for making these videos! They have helped me to feel more comfortable with pregnancy, the feelings of it, and a positive outlook about it. I too wonder 'Where will the baby go??" Haha. You've explained it well! Good luck to you! 

Heidi Kratcha says:

In case you didn't know, vaginal checks aren't medically necessary and can actually increase risk of infection. You can be dilated 2 or 3 cm. for weeks so it's no sign labor will begin. Did you look into the Bradley Method? I love what you said about being educated and aware of your options. As a childbirth educator, it stuns me how many expectant moms don't educate themselves so they can make an informed decision. Natural birth is safest for you and baby. You look great! Good luck with the birth :-)

Erin Tummons says:

Your eyes look so amazing today!!!

I have been watching you for a very long time and I love you and your videos so much.

I know that you want to give the baby as much privacy as possible, which I completely understand. What I'm wondering is this; up to this point most of your videos have been beauty related, are you planning on doing videos more in the "domestic" area? I'm thinking things like household organization, your budgeting setup, etc. I would definitely enjoy those. 

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